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Sold my iAudio 7... fast payer, patient and kind. Way recommended!
PC8500 SO DIMM (UNBUFFERED) 204 PIN Brand New never used $150 shipped.
Perfect condition drive, that is unparalleled in terms of speed, if you are looking at this you probably already know what SSD's are capable of and how this one in particular is way out in front. Sold.
Like new condition with box and all accessories, haven't used it in months. $40
I have to part with a few toys to help finance the purchase of a new LCD monitor. I have a black pair of UE 5 Pro with all accessories and a very lightly used 4 GB Cowon iAudio 7 with all accessories in mint condition. $125 shipped in the USA.
The price quoted was USA only $50 to Canada
Price drop $45 shipped.
Like new, seldom used, condition with latest firmware version and original box. $55 shipped in the USA
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins and what is your player ? I resolved the issue with Monkey Media
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