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      I purchased this maybe a month or so ago, but my headphones are pretty long. Excellent shape, no issues. $32 shipped. I will include a stereo mini to 1/4" adapter. 
      I like everything from Adele, Natalie Merchant, 80's Pop, 70's classic rock, traditional Jazz R&B, 90's R&B & rap, I guess I am looking for the iTunes/ Amazon catalog without the pay per song download I want to pay a monthly price and download what I like. 
           That's right I'am on team Old-School these are the best DAP's these ears ever heard!  A special shout out to the original iPod Shuffle.
      IMHO, it should make all of us beg the question  how can some do so much for so little while others demand a King's ransom for what is often merely the perception of sonic superiority. I don't know about you but I would much rather spend a small pittance and be 95% there than two weeks salary to gain an additional 3 to 4%
       Looking to find what are the better music download subscription sites in terms of quality and quantity. I have been to B&W's site, great SQ, limited selection. What's good these days while I have been obsessing about other hobbies for the past two years?  
    Amen and hallelujah! 
       I really need these to replace the pads on a pair of Superlux HD 681's, my teen son hates the plastic ones.
          Does anyone here know a online vendor for these in the USA?
  You should be willing to absorb the cost of the transaction for the privilege to sell your goods, I mean this website doesn't even charge members for the opportunity to e-advertise and market goods. And on top of that you want buyers to absorb your transaction fees too.  That's simply too much of a good thing. You should open up a real business and see how many hands are dug firmly inside your wallet. 
           I own a business I would love to charge credit card users more because I have a transaction fee I have to pay each time someone swipes a card, but "it's the cost of doing business" you can't have your cake and eat it too. Following your logic then... should there be a general cash/credit price for all that we buy? Should gas be cheaper for those who pay cash at the register than those who choose to swipe a card at the pump? 
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