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       I used to OC for fun, but for what I do: listening to and burning CD's, Netflix & HULU, watching Blu Ray and web surfing my system is already over-kill. It's plenty fast for what I do. I just enjoyed assembling it way more fun than what I used to do which was spend a couple of thou' on a the latest greatest Mac which darn close to performance tweak. 
    i7 970 3.20GHz x 6 Cores GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R v2 Sapphire Reference 6870 GPU CORSAIR XMS3 1600MHz RAM 6GB Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB (SATA 3) SONY Blu Ray Player Cooler Master HAF 912 Dell U2410   My music is played exclusively through iTunes because it's simple to sync with my iPhone etc... I have also experimented with various "magic-players", audiophile codecs, bit rates and to these ear I could discern a possible difference but not a...
      I was in the same situation about two weeks ago need some bass fill for my M-Audio BX5a's and someone here recommended an active 10" sub formerly offered exclusively in Europe called the Prodipe pro10S. I found one on eBay for $179 shipped and now I'm thoroughly satisfied. It looks great and sounds even better!  Contact Music Factory Direct, ask will they honor the price I paid including shipping, it's worth a shot.    Good luck   
        Excellent condition CPU with Hyper Threading & Turbo Boost. These are essentially the same as the i7 retail chips except higher binned for use in workstations and servers. Requires a 1366 socket motherboard. It has served me well, but I am moving on to a i7 980x at 3 time the price.
      I am looking for a sub to utilize with my ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card and my M-Audio BX5a monitors. I like the M-Audio® SBX10 sub, but I don't like the associated cost @ $400+.  I need a sub with stereo input and output, built in amp, at least an 8" woofer, crossover selectability.   Thanks!
      My vote goes to the BX5a, however I am sure you cannot make a poor choice between the two (BX5a & AE5)
         If you have one of these with all original equipment please make me an offer I and I will get payment out to you right away. 
    Your soliloquy is fundamentally flawed, historically inaccurate and therefore unsuitable for public discourse.    
    I can confirm and testify that Rap is indeed a legitimate and creative musical genre. The same people who attack Rap today are one and the same with those who berated Jazz before it was re-packaged for mainstream appeal, and the same goes for Rock-N-Roll, until Elvis and now Rap... it's cyclical and a part of the American ethos I am afraid. 
        Only used for about a month on a LGA 1366 platform. I am including a used tube of Arctic 5 thermal paste, and the Arctic Cooling cleaner and surface prep. I am also throwing in 2 Yate Loon medium fans in case you want to utilize push-pull configuration on the radiator which I did with better results. Temps were about 32c to 66c while running at 4GHz stable OC  
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