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          As new condition Macbook Air 13" display, 1.7GHz Dual Core i5 (Sandy Bridge), 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD (the faster Samsung SSD not the slower Toshiba SSD), Thunder Bolt, Backlit Keyboard and etc... Comes with original power cord, power adapter, manual, & box. Apple Care valid until 7.30.2012 so purchase with confidence.  Includes iLiFe 11 and iWorks 09   I will ship anywhere in the world if the buyer pays fees or sends payment as gift. 
        In superb condition and comes with all of the following: Incase 15" carrying pouch, 8GB of RAM, 320 GB HDD,  iWorks 09,  iLife 11, Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (via Bootcamp), original shipping box w/power cord etc... and I forgot to mention OS X Lion. The included software is over $300   This is a glossy display, Apple Care has expired, but I have never had a problem with it and has only been used sparing during business trips.        PayPal only...
          Excellent to mint condition , babied, with original box, unused buds,USB cable and plug. Ready to activate...gift via Paypal or you pay fees I'll ship in the US for at no additional cost. 
        LIke new with latest firmware $70 shipped
        I will pay shipping on these if you send as gift via PayPal. Excellent condition and they sound great! I will consider a even swap for a similarly valued  pair of can's that are well balanced in their presentation, slightly skewed towards the warmer side of neutral  and they must be comfortable.     
        Excellent condition with absolutely no issues gorgeous picture. 
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