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Sure thing. I definitely like the Mk1 better than the Mk2 I picked up from Price Japan. I like the 2, but to my ears, it sounds more characteristic of the 009 signature, and well, I already have one of those. 
I heard an Omega years ago, but not in a comparative setting, and certainly have not been able to recently.    I have an SR-007 Mk1 [serial number 71xxx], and I have been listening to it quite a bit on my Carbon CC amp. I don't know that I like it better than my 009, but I like it different. A touch more lush, less hyper-resolving. I know that many refer to the 007 as "dark," but that's not a word I would choose.   I have another set inbound with a lower serial number...
PM sent.
Thanks Simon. I really appreciate it. I had re-read the manual twice, and I obviously blew right past that.  I wonder, too, how much of this is affected by whatever our amps' sweet spots are? I have had the repeated experience that some amps just open up at different power levels. I will start with 94 right now! Time for a little Piano Music In A Church. Marvelous recording.
Simon, I appreciate the input, so to speak.  The Select runs into my balanced Mjölnir Carbon CC. So there shouldn't be any issue with overloading single-ended inputs for me. I was less than thrilled with AES on the Totaldac. I mean, it was okay, but it colored my viewpoint, and so when choosing input options on my Select, I decided to forego it. Of course, part of my problem might be the somewhat convoluted path my data takes through the d-1 server to get to the DAC. My...
Agreed. I have said more than once that I hate USB.  But I don't see Ravenna being the answer. I like the Ravenna implementation in the Merging NADAC, but it's still somewhat kludgy. There tech is powerful, but it doesn't "feel" that way with the NADAC. I shouldn't need to run the DAC from another PC or Mac. Complete PITA. Roon is the obvious answer for the Network Renderer.
Thanks Simon. I have gone back and forth on that. According to the manual, unless I misread it, the unit's max output is at 106, except for DSD, where it reverts automatically to 100. I have been unable to discern any difference between the two levels in my setup.
Thanks beolab. I just installed the PS Audio LANRover into the system so that I can separate the computer running RoonBridge from the DAC. Too early to tell if it was actually worth the [almost zero] trouble, but I prefer to keep all my computers in the server closet.
beolab, at the risk of going off-topic, my DS is my all-around go-to DAC. If I could only have one DAC, it would probably be the DS. It would also leave me more beer money. Right now, the Select is getting most of my listening, because it is connected to my preferred amp and Stax, while the DS is connected to my KGHSVV [headinclouds very nice off-board build]. I don't know why the DS does not seem to get the respect around here that it does elsewhere. It is a top-tier DAC...
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