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I just got done inserting the Mytek 192 into my office headphone rig. Haven't updated my profile yet, but here is a quick description:   2012 Mac mini w/ 16gb RAM External 2tb RAID array over USB 2.0 Audirvana+ 1.46 in integrated mode Mytek over Firewire Cavalli Liquid Fire Headphone amp Audeze LCD-2   Before today, I had the Mytek in my home audio system, listening to it side-by-side with a PS Audio PWD MkII and a Lumin Player, both...
Sold. Thanks Mike.
Sale pending.
My PS Audio DL III w/ Cullen Mod IV and Audiophilioe Model 1 need a home where they will be loved. They formed the basis of my office headphone listening rig, but have had no use for about a year now. Prior to that, they had approximately 300-400 hours on them. I can post additional pics, if there is any interest. I believe I have all original boxes, and will include all original bits. Model 1 does not have the PurePower upgrade.   Asking $875 total, for the entire...
I am quite entranced by the speed and depth of bass in the Cavalli Liquid Fire.
It sounds like my LF is well broken in. The edginess I heard on what might have been some over bright material is certainly not there any more. Bottom end is tight and fast (way too reminiscent of college days), and vocals are superb. I have some NOS Ediswans, Nationals, and Telefunkens I want to try, but this is the week that both my new Decware amps, preamp, and three pairs of speakers are arriving. Too much to set up and get burned in. At the moment, I am leaning...
First listening impressions, with no additional break-in time. Running Mac mini-->Audiophileo Model 1-->PS Audio DAC w/ Cullen Stage IV mods-->Audez'e LCD-2 plugged into outlet 1:   Cuts:   1. First 12 minutes of Moonlight Acoustica; 2. Telarc recording of Robert Shaw's performance of Verdi's Requiem [handled the big drums with aplomb, unlike the Apache. Horns and woodwinds a touch more detailed, but not quite as fulsome as Taboo]; 3. DVD-Audio of 20th...
Nothing obvious, USA. Alex had apprised the additional cooling holes in previous correspondence, so that wasn't a surprise. All else appears as expected.
Mine has been delivered. Gorgeous indeed. As far as I have gotten.  
Amps are going out Tuesday, July 5. Perhaps better than sitting in a FedEx sort facility over the long weekend.
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