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Astrostar59, you may have missed my point. Some people seem to read into Birgir's words a contradiction. I do not. To me, the Carbon simply evolved from its original mission, as Birgir states. To me, it doesn't matter whether somebody thinks the 009 top end is rough [I don't happen to think so, but I have only listened to it through the Carbon CC, a Carbon, and a Sanyo outboard KGSShv]. Extremely revealing and resolving, but not to me rough. Others can't stand it. To each...
And thus "started out to tame the 009, but then evolved into best SS amp." I am not at all sure why people have such a hard time understanding this statement.
Sent you a PM.
Ross, looks like I will be selling one of the Carbons. Time frame is still a little up in the air, but I have commissioned a T2 build, and so will likely put both the headinclouds KGSShv and one of the two Carbons up for sale [not the CC].
Thanks. I like the Utopia very much, but if I could only have one system, it would be the Stax. But as Whitigir notes, the Utopia requires less investment for it to achieve its potential.
All drivers have their weaknesses. I love electrostats and always have, but they're not perfect, and the amp you put on a dynamic headphone can make an audible difference in its performance. I have both types in multiple iterations, and have invested in each deeply, and listened to them carefully. Neither is better at everything than another.
Not trying to promo my own thread, but check here, too. For me, the Utopia was a real ear-opener. Would I choose it over my Stax? No, but it's damn fine, and with the Utopia, you do have amp choices you would not have with the Stax.
I think the assertion has been made for the outboard Sanyo build that the Sanyo bits are "sweeter," whatever the hell that means, and I have heard the word "warmer" used as well. When I was using the headinclouds KGSShv behind a PS Audio DirectStream, I did not discern this purported sweetness or warmth. I thought the amps sounded very good, but my sense was that the Carbon seemed a bit more dynamic to me [better power supply?] and open. Those are attributes that appeal...
Aactually, I suspect that would be just fine. With a Mjolnir KGSShv, the DAC will be your constraint. I've got the Carbon and the Carbon CC, and a headinclouds KGSShv. All sound excellent with the 009, so long as they are getting a nice feed
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