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Interesting, bit hard to follow, review over at Computer AUdiphile. 
Post a pic!
Don't know.
In the case of my CC, what Birgir told me is that he got a "screaming deal" on the RK50 that made the price of the CC more reasonable. The size of the RK50 did require a slightly off-center alignment of the volume control, but it's only noticeable when you notice it. Worked for me. And I think you are right @sarora that they are engineers first.
I don't know if I would call the CC a "cost no object" take on the Carbon. I think Birgir has something else in the works for that title. But the CC does have an improved power supply and a "few other improvements." In any case, the CC I bought [I think he only built a very small number, maybe as few as two earlier this year], has—per Birgir, unless he changed his mind after bench-testing the amp (ha!)—an RK50. I haven't opened it up to be sure, and I probably won't. Amp...
My Carbon CC [built this year] has an Alps RK50 pot in it. 
You bet. It's one of the reasons it got chosen for sale. I love this DAC, heck I love all the ones I have right now, but the shelf space factor came to matter. I am adding a PS Audio DMP for beta testing this week, and likely permanent addition, so something had to go.
Thanks for writing. Technically 4 boxes. Each main box (DAC and server) has a separate power supply to which it is tethered. The DAC and server are identical boxes, though the DAC is heavier than the server. The server has a small USB filter attached to its back.
Hi All: Time to thin the herd. For sale is my Totaldac d-1 dual DAC + d-1 server combo. Purchased November 2015 directly from Vincent, I am the first and only owner. Paid €13,340. Price is higher now. Will be posting on Audiogon as well shortly. Price is firm.  This is a superb DAC, and am only letting it go because it is a two-box solution for which I no longer have space, and its ladder technology—which I love—is, at least for me, eclipsed by my MSB Select...
Sure thing. I definitely like the Mk1 better than the Mk2 I picked up from Price Japan. I like the 2, but to my ears, it sounds more characteristic of the 009 signature, and well, I already have one of those. 
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