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Any IEC-compliant cable for your power grid will work, and it won't "hurt" anything. But a better cable will get you better power, and that's one of the things that is often easiest to hear.
With enough beer, I bet we could hear anything.
I used to prefer quality stepped attenuators as well, until I got one of these in my speaker system:   Tortuga Audio Passive Preamp    The LDRs are beyond transparent, whatever that might be. Sounds like hype, I know, but in this case, completely warranted. The LDR has made me think of asking Birgir if he would build a straight Carbon, with no volume control. In my speaker system, it's as if the sound was "released."
I tend to agree. I like my LCD-4 headphones, sort of in the same way—but not for the same reasons—I like my HD800. There are just times when I want "that sound." But if forced to choose just one to live with, it would be neither. I would have to think long and hard between the 007 and 009. But I don't enjoy the LCD-4 any less for that.
I use a NAS, actually two, to serve to either minim server or Roon, depending on the DAC. I have a gigabit hardwired network, only using WiFi for the controller, so there really is no issue of network dependability. I serve DSD256 to the NADAC over Ethernet with zero issues. I expect to have no problems with the Select and network renderer.
No worries, you've got a phenomenal DAC and input. Frankly, I doubt there would be much difference to hear; Vince describes some pretty amazing work that goes into the Quad USB Input. Like I said, I think MSB and a few others have done some amazing things with USB, but the great thing for the network renderer is that there is so much "less to fix." On my Select, I chose to have it configured with the Network Renderer and the Quad USB, but I suspect I will never listen to...
Um, I loves me an MBP, but think about putting that puppy on a network and saying goodbye to USB blues. I think MSB and a few others have done some amazing things to address the USB limitations, but Ethernet is IMHO a much better way to go. Enjoy the music.
+1. It's funny, and I still like mine.
Others have already chimed in, but there are a plenty of amp choices for your new Stax habit, er, passion. There are a number of amps designed and built to drive Stax cans, including some relatively inexpensive choices from Stax itself. As another member already said, amps like the BHSE, and any of the KG design builds will generally leave these Stax amps in the dust [though not all of them], there is an advantage to starting with a less expensive piece and working your...
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