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and the statement is also not true
Looking for an SPL Phonitor 2. Please message me with a price if you are selling one!
Keeping an eye out on eBay is probably the easiest way to get a pair at a decent price. 
Any pictures of the K10U next to other IEMs? IE8/IE80 if at all possible. I'm strongly considering ordering a pair of K10s as summer approaches, leaning towards a custom set. My previous experiences with CIEMs wasn't great, but there are also a ton of universals that I have problems wearing. I'm sure Noble will do a great job if I find a good place to get my impressions done and the customization/finish options are absolutely beautiful. 
CEntrance DACmini for sale. Everything works great, silver color with 1-ohm and variable output options. I unfortunately don't have a use for it at the moment and I'm not sure when I will, so I'd rather sell it to someone who can use it and recoup my costs. I had some plans for it when I bought it, but it's just been sitting on a table unused. It has been powered on for less than 10 hours.    Price includes shipping and Paypal. CONUS for now. Will ship in original box....
 Yes, they're listed on the compatible tubes chart for the WA2. I've got a pair of RFT EZ81 in mine right now. 
  I believe it comes down to the T1s being sold for ~$800 new for quite a while, compared to the pretty strict pricing on the HD800s. The HD800s were rarely discounted (at least significantly) until a couple recent sales at $1000. Yes, IIRC the T1s were introduced at $1400 and the HD800 at $1500.
Saturdays generally work better for me.
 These two things here. Give them a real shot for a few days to let your mind adjust and see if you warm up to 'em. Another amp may help but it isn't going to transform the headphones so if you don't like them now, it's probably safe to say you should just try something else -- it'll be more efficient that way.   FWIW, I love my T1s but am not much of a fan of the LCD2s. 
I have purchased from them. Haven't had to deal with customer support or anything, but the product was shipped quickly and arrived safely.
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