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 They made a change so that now the first 265 get a serial under 300.
This is just about the last thing I need right now, but I can't resist with all those changes along with the price. Hoping I like these better than the other K7xx I've tried!
A couple extra pictures. I did actually find some small flaws on the amp, seen in the third picture. Kind of hard to see, never noticed it while it was on my equipment shelf. Not sure where they came from.         
Have an somewhat older WA6 unit for sale, pre-PDPS. Everything works great and I can't find any aesthetic flaws there are some very small flaws (see pictures below). Comes with a power cable as well as the following tubes: RCA 6DE7, Pinnacle 6DR7, Valve Art 274B, Raytheon 5U4GB. Tubes in the picture are not included. More pictures of the amp or tubes upon request.    Price with Paypal and continental US shipping included, subtract $50 if picked up locally (this thing is...
Feature packed, looks good, and modestly priced? Very interesting! I don't really need one, but I'll be keeping an eye on it -- curious to find out about the sound and build quality. 
It sure can, and it comes with one of the easiest cables to mod for balanced if you didn't want to replace the whole thing.   [beat me to it, marshallmole!]
I just hopped on the Burson website to check something and I saw that too! Look like it's lost the gain switch, has a new knob, and has a remote. Curious to see what else might be different. Maybe a new pot to go with the remote and knob?
Yeah, definitely excited for this!
I live in Seattle, WA and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
Got a pair of Fostex TH600 for sale. Headphones are in basically perfect condition and will come with full original packaging. They are great headphones -- I'm only selling because I'm planning to upgrade.    $550, PayPal and shipping costs included CONUS.   [sold]
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