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 I think general consensus is that it's a very solid pairing. I definitely enjoy the two together. 
compressed air and microfiber cloth usually. 
Consider me interested! I'm living in Seattle again but wasn't able to make the last meet due to work travel. If timing works out, I'll be there!
I've got a small spot like that on mine, SN 33943
 He wouldn't sell me just the plate when I asked about a year ago. 
I've used those exact socket savers on my older WA6 to fit some 6FD7 fat bottles, no modification necessary on the socket savers. 
I have to strongly disagree with you about the TH900 being isolating. I can hear every noise in my apartment with hardly any attenuation when compared to my other headphones. I have had people try my headphones on to compare them and whether they are using the HD800 or TH900, I can hear what they are listening to loud and clear. I can have a whisper conversation with the headphones on. Try setting your TH900 to a moderate listening level and then put them around a pillow...
I've definitely been checking regularly on the TS 5998 and GEC 6080, but they either sell out before I even seen the notification email or are too far above what I would like to pay. Doesn't help when you guys are hoarding them!  just kidding, just kidding~   Depending how things work out over the next couple of weeks, I may just go around buying various cheaper tubes and hope to find something that I really like. At the very least, it'll be easier to get my hands on the...
I've got the 7236s packed up and ready to send back. I also have a pair of 6AS7Gs coming in at the end of the week so I will probably give those a shot before ordering another pair of 7236. Just not quite ready to drop $350+ on a set of NOS 5998!  
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