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I wish my professors would ask me to play fighting games. :<
Just donated some. Can't afford a lot as a student, but hey.
Mine were sent FedEx 2day   [edit: just saw you were in Australia. I don't know if it's the same for international orders]
    I seem to recall people putting some stuffing under the pads to lift them up a bit more.    Since amplification has been coming up again, the Z1000s run great with portable devices but I find they really scale well with better equipment.
Looking for a stock Sennheiser IE8 cable. Please PM me with what you would like for it. Thanks!
It was about 6 weeks from when my impressions arrived at their place before I got my customs back.
Mine arrived today as expected, so I've been trying them out, making sure they sound alright and that the fit is good. I'm happy to say that they are great on both fronts. I did the impressions with a friend's help (and a biteblock). Had them done before professionally so I knew how they should look and whatnot, but I was still a bit worried I would have to do a refit. I can't remember how the TF10 sounded before, so I can't make comparisons. This is my first time...
I guess I could've clarified better. What I meant was that Adam was unavailable during the first call (around 1030AM PST), but I was able to get a hold of him on my second call about an hour and a half after the first one.    
I just called a few minutes ago and my customs went out today. Expecting to seem them Wednesday or Thursday.    I called about an hour and a half ago as well, and the lady also told me Adam was out. Probably lunch break or something.
A few friends of mine got their invs yesterday and they really like it. Release can't come soon enough!
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