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  I'm leaning towards the latter, but I am also interested to see what direction they've gone with the sound.
Came down to a coin flip between Demon Hunter and Wizard for me, ended up with DH. Planning to start a Wizard before long though.   Monk was a front runner too, but a few of my friends were gonna go for that and I thought I would roll something different.
Got a pair of customed Triple.Fi 10s for sale. I've been having problems with the fit/seal lately for some reason and rather than get them redone, I'd like to just cut my losses and get some money for summer.    This will come with the IEMs themselves as well as the Westone cable seen in the picture and a carrying pouch from Kozee that is not in the picture. The cable itself is about $40, so when you get them reshelled you can ask the company to not include the cable...
The only things I can think of are not to send payments as gift (because if something goes wrong you have no recourse) and to buy from reputable sellers.
Selling the stock cable that came with my Triple.Fi 10s. Never use it anymore. No damage or anything to it, just like new. I can put up pictures if requested. $10 shipped/paypal CONUS.   Thanks!
tenso is a pretty good place, I haven't had problems with them and have heard positive things from others.
I used to be.
I find my Vita to be quite dark sounding, much darker than any of my other sources. Sounds too soft and muddy. I really dislike it as a DAP and would never pick it over my others. In fact, it even bothers me sometimes when playing games.
I wish my professors would ask me to play fighting games. :<
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