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The only things I can think of are not to send payments as gift (because if something goes wrong you have no recourse) and to buy from reputable sellers.
Selling the stock cable that came with my Triple.Fi 10s. Never use it anymore. No damage or anything to it, just like new. I can put up pictures if requested. $10 shipped/paypal CONUS.   Thanks!
tenso is a pretty good place, I haven't had problems with them and have heard positive things from others.
I used to be.
I find my Vita to be quite dark sounding, much darker than any of my other sources. Sounds too soft and muddy. I really dislike it as a DAP and would never pick it over my others. In fact, it even bothers me sometimes when playing games.
I wish my professors would ask me to play fighting games. :<
Just donated some. Can't afford a lot as a student, but hey.
Mine were sent FedEx 2day   [edit: just saw you were in Australia. I don't know if it's the same for international orders]
    I seem to recall people putting some stuffing under the pads to lift them up a bit more.    Since amplification has been coming up again, the Z1000s run great with portable devices but I find they really scale well with better equipment.
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