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Yep, the HPS-T is designed for two.   HPS-R for single, HPS-T for double. The stand has a very stable base and the whole thing is apparently 5 lbs -- it would take more than a light push from a duster to knock it over or even move it. 
Deceptive title... 
I would probably go with one of the acrylic ones from those choices. I've heard different things about the cheaper wood omegas, for instance paint/stain problems, rough or poor finish on some spots, inconsistent quality. You might get lucky and get a good one, but I'd rather just go for something else personally.    With that said, I use a Woo Audio HPS-T for my HD800s and T1s. I don't like the idea of the earpads pressing against something all the time. They are a bit...
Count me in on this one. I'll probably bring my K7XX and T1 for headphones and then my DACmini, Opus, and CKKIII for amps and DACs. If there's interest in hearing my other gear, let me know and I'll consider it. Most of that other equipment is harder to transport / more fragile so I'm a bit hesitant to bring them.
I was selected for this but aside from being around for a few years and having good trader feedback, my post count is relatively low and my posting frequency in the last 3 or 4 years has been very low. I also didn't express my interest until there were many pages already. I, of course, have no idea how participants were selected but it's certainly a combination of many factors. 
There's also a deal on the Bottlehead Crack right now where you can get the Speedball addition for only $20 more
I would like to express my interest as well.
Right, I understand they removed the gain switch but it is otherwise still a Soloist amp section as described on Burson's website. The setting now corresponds to medium gain on the old Conductor as I understand it, but I do not hear any noise with my TH900 even then. I could even use my Sennheiser IE8 (which hiss with almost any amp I've owned) and there was no trace of background noise.    Not that I'm planning to get a Virtuoso (don't really need any of the new...
  This is interesting to me. I have a non-Virtuoso Conductor and I use my TH900 with it regularly. It is absolutely silent, regardless of what the gain setting is at. Maybe it has to do with the new volume control? As far as I understand, the amp and DAC sections are unchanged. 
Not a WA5 owner but if you buy the amp now, you can still enjoy it while you wait to get new tubes. It might make you appreciate the upgrade tubes more, since you would have more experience with the stock tubes as a point of reference for comparison. 
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