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I put Rockbox on my Clip+ because I value all the other features it has and the control it gives me. I agree that there are basically no downsides to Rockboxing.    As for whether you need an amp for the SRH440, I can't really say. The Clip+ sounds great with any in-ears I've tried, but they are probably more efficient than full size headphones. The main reason I use the Clip+ is for the super small size -- using an amp with it makes it less portable, regardless of how...
Swapped in an RCA 5U4G earlier this week, and put these fat bottle 6FD7s in earlier today. 
For what it's worth, I made an order with just last week for a matched pair of 6FD7s and it came out to $19 total. $4 for each tube, $4 for matching the two tubes, and then $7 shipping. The ones I received are Westinghouse, which to my understanding are relabeled Sylvania.    Maybe I got the last ones... sorry!
The cable is by Sommer Cable in Germany, and the cable material is OFC.
SOLD   I bought this amp new, it is basically still new condition, and will ship in the original packaging. Only reason for selling is that I need to do some car repairs and I figure it would be easier to sell my Burson as opposed to my CKKIII.    Price includes shipping CONUS and Paypal fees. I can take more pictures upon request, the one I've attached is just what I have handy on this computer.
Thanks Justin, can't wait to try out the XC!
My understanding is that you could do that, audioops. From the iTunes Match page  [edit: beaten to it!]
 If by this you mean you want to take a single-ended cable and make it work as 4pin balanced, then no.  Basically, you can make a balanced cable (either 2x3pin or 4pin) work as single-ended with an adapter, but you can't make a single-ended cable balanced.
Personally, I think splitting it would be best. You'll get a better return on sound quality with headphones. Put a couple hundred into headphones can get you a nice setup, and spending the rest for your car can get you a good set of front stage speakers, a sub, and amps to go along with both, if you do the wiring yourself.    After several years doing car audio, I came to realization that car audio is mostly a futile effort unless you do a whole lot more work (read:...
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