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Swapped in an RCA 5U4G earlier this week, and put these fat bottle 6FD7s in earlier today. 
For what it's worth, I made an order with just last week for a matched pair of 6FD7s and it came out to $19 total. $4 for each tube, $4 for matching the two tubes, and then $7 shipping. The ones I received are Westinghouse, which to my understanding are relabeled Sylvania.    Maybe I got the last ones... sorry!
The cable is by Sommer Cable in Germany, and the cable material is OFC.
SOLD   I bought this amp new, it is basically still new condition, and will ship in the original packaging. Only reason for selling is that I need to do some car repairs and I figure it would be easier to sell my Burson as opposed to my CKKIII.    Price includes shipping CONUS and Paypal fees. I can take more pictures upon request, the one I've attached is just what I have handy on this computer.
Thanks Justin, can't wait to try out the XC!
My understanding is that you could do that, audioops. From the iTunes Match page  [edit: beaten to it!]
 If by this you mean you want to take a single-ended cable and make it work as 4pin balanced, then no.  Basically, you can make a balanced cable (either 2x3pin or 4pin) work as single-ended with an adapter, but you can't make a single-ended cable balanced.
Personally, I think splitting it would be best. You'll get a better return on sound quality with headphones. Put a couple hundred into headphones can get you a nice setup, and spending the rest for your car can get you a good set of front stage speakers, a sub, and amps to go along with both, if you do the wiring yourself.    After several years doing car audio, I came to realization that car audio is mostly a futile effort unless you do a whole lot more work (read:...
 If I'm thinking about the same thing you are, I believe it was just a trick to see how people respond and not actually real.
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