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I just saw the announcement on this, and I'm very curious about them.    Hoping for impressions soon!
Snow Leopard to Mavericks is definitely a good jump, especially with all the benefits from 10.7, 8, and of course 9. With it being free, I don't see any compelling reason to stay at SL unless you lose compatibility with certain programs.
try this   haven't had any problems with that 4pin config
 I sure hope Justin has a better method than that, because I've been here all night without posting (read: spamming )
Yeah, I've seen a lot about how the HA-160 and T1 are not a great match.  I actually have been looking into some tube amps, but even using the WA3 price as a baseline, there are so many other amps around that price and so many different opinions about them that I just don't know. DIY isn't out of the question, but there's even less information on those (aside from the Crack, of course).    I'm hoping to make the Seattle meet at the beginning of January, but at the...
Good chance I'll actually be able to make this meet since my winter break is longer this year and I'll be visiting family in Western WA.  Not sure if I'm going to bring all of my gear with me over break though. I'll probably bring stuff that nobody else is bringing, if I own any.
I've only had these T90s for a couple of weeks, but I've picked up a pair of T1s and have little reason to keep these.    The headphones are just like new; I can't find any flaws. This sale comes with the headphones, the case, the original box, and the papers and documentation.   Price includes PayPal and shipping fees within CONUS. 
After waiting allllll day, I finally got my T1s. A quick comparison against my T90s gives me the impression that they are much less tiring to listen to, with a calmer top end. Slightly less bass too, but still plenty when the song calls for it. Physically, they feel heavier, but build quality is a bit better too. Gonna be giving them a good test later on!   I'm running them off my HA-160 right now, will be looking into trying an OTL amp with them in the near future as...
Bought this recently from someone here on head-fi intending to use it for USB-coax conversion, but that's no longer necessary with some changes I've made to my DAC.    I've literally had the uDAC-2 for a week and have used it for maybe 10 minutes. It's in essentially like new condition, aside from a very slight scratch along the edge on the bottom which I couldn't get to show in pictures.   The price includes paypal fees and CONUS shipping. The sale comes with the...
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