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  I'm also looking! 
beatmania IIDX
I've had the TH900 for several months now and they still impress me each time I use them. Many, many headphones have passed through my hands but these are the only ones to consistently give me that dumb, uncontrollable smile when I listen to them.  Absolutely gorgeous too!  
The T1 is very easy to repair should the cable go bad and the cable it comes with is pretty good quality, if a bit unwieldy. I never worried about cable failure while I had the stock one on, but I've replaced mine just for convenience. It does void your warranty unless you have the services performed by an authorized location. 
It's hard to drink Budweiser when there are so many good craft beers in the PNW.  If I'm just looking for some cheap beer for a party or something, it seems that other beers of similar quality are usually cheaper.  No problem with Budweiser, it just never seems to fit the situations I'm in. 
 Yeah if anybody is interested in hearing them, we could probably work out a time to meet when they are in my possession. 
I am located in Seattle, WA and agree to the tour conditions!
Spareribs posts are the only reason I visit Members' Lounge
I hadn't heard of it prior to your post, but I just added the extension and it really is cool!
I prefer the text being blended in and hard to see, but those look very well done! 
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