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20% off, IIRC. 
Here is exactly what you'll see when you remove the stock TRS plug: This is my own stock T1 cable which I have reterminated with a 4-pin XLR and later replaced completely.   Two conducting wires and cable shield per side. The point of the shield in a balanced configuration is purely to reduce interference and so I would not connect it with any of the pins. Each pin and the conductor associated with it carries an active signal -- all four...
There are two conductors and shield for each side. You'll use the conductors as + and -, and you can connect the shield to the connector chassis. They don't carry any signal so it doesn't really matter if you connect the two shield bundles. Just make sure you have your 4 conductors all clearly separated and not in contact with any other wire. 
There should be a gap between the two solder pads and it looks like they've been connected. I circled it in this picture; Try cleaning up that area and then soldering your wires to the spots marked with the blue squares.
I put Rockbox on my Clip+ because I value all the other features it has and the control it gives me. I agree that there are basically no downsides to Rockboxing.    As for whether you need an amp for the SRH440, I can't really say. The Clip+ sounds great with any in-ears I've tried, but they are probably more efficient than full size headphones. The main reason I use the Clip+ is for the super small size -- using an amp with it makes it less portable, regardless of how...
Swapped in an RCA 5U4G earlier this week, and put these fat bottle 6FD7s in earlier today. 
For what it's worth, I made an order with just last week for a matched pair of 6FD7s and it came out to $19 total. $4 for each tube, $4 for matching the two tubes, and then $7 shipping. The ones I received are Westinghouse, which to my understanding are relabeled Sylvania.    Maybe I got the last ones... sorry!
The cable is by Sommer Cable in Germany, and the cable material is OFC.
SOLD   I bought this amp new, it is basically still new condition, and will ship in the original packaging. Only reason for selling is that I need to do some car repairs and I figure it would be easier to sell my Burson as opposed to my CKKIII.    Price includes shipping CONUS and Paypal fees. I can take more pictures upon request, the one I've attached is just what I have handy on this computer.
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