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V or U shaped would mean emphasized bass and treble / recessed mids. Generally fun to listen to and good for low volume listening.  Other types of "shapes" don't really have letters associated with them that I've seen and people will just say, for example, recessed bass or forward mids. 
running a bit late, but I am on the 2:05
One of the big reasons from my understanding is so that old prices do not influence later prices (and expectations). You'll see trends in pricing for some items where they go up or down, and this lets later sellers get the most for what they are selling without a bunch of people referencing the one listing 15 months ago that sold it for 10% less
miceblue has me on the list already, but I might bring some more gear if I can fit it. I'll definitely be bringing my Beyer T1 and probably Burson Conductor as well. Still on the fence about my other headphones. I'll have my Noble 6 and Sennheiser IE8 as requested a few pages back but please bring your own tips if you want to try them.
My usual daily, a Datejust inherited from my grandpops     photo could use a little more quality, this is what I get for taking a quick shot while at work.  
I just got a 87u 55g about a week and a half ago actually. Coming from a MX Brown keyboard as my primary for the last ~4 years, it's very different but I definitely can understand why most people who have used Topre switches like them so much. 
Yep, the HPS-T is designed for two.   HPS-R for single, HPS-T for double. The stand has a very stable base and the whole thing is apparently 5 lbs -- it would take more than a light push from a duster to knock it over or even move it. 
Deceptive title... 
I would probably go with one of the acrylic ones from those choices. I've heard different things about the cheaper wood omegas, for instance paint/stain problems, rough or poor finish on some spots, inconsistent quality. You might get lucky and get a good one, but I'd rather just go for something else personally.    With that said, I use a Woo Audio HPS-T for my HD800s and T1s. I don't like the idea of the earpads pressing against something all the time. They are a bit...
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