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So I ordered a WA2 during the recent promotion, and I got it last Friday. Listened to it that night and Saturday afternoon, it was great. I went out of town for work Saturday night and didn't get home until late last night, so after I got home today I was excited to get some listening time in. To my surprise, it looks like one of the tubes has failed. Less than 7 hours of listening! I've already sent an email to WA about it, hopefully they can help me out. I guess in the...
fwiw, I much prefer the TH900 over the XC. The XC are comfortable only for short periods for me, though the earpads do feel very nice. I found the sound of the XC to be too thick and much prefer the TH900 in that regard. The XC do a better job of being a closed headphone though, if I am remembering correctly.
The limited edition is a separate model -- differences appear to be the black color scheme with chrome accent ring and balanced Cardas cable.    Probably the most popular and well-regarded amp I've seen discussed with the T1 is the WA2 from Woo Audio. I'm not sure I've read about any other T1 combo being as well received, at least in that general price range. It comes in just under $1200 though.  However, plenty of amps should pair nicely and a $1000 budget really gives...
 Yeah... if you stick around, it's all but guaranteed. Happy listening! 
ooh, I'll join in  :)  
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 They made a change so that now the first 265 get a serial under 300.
This is just about the last thing I need right now, but I can't resist with all those changes along with the price. Hoping I like these better than the other K7xx I've tried!
A couple extra pictures. I did actually find some small flaws on the amp, seen in the third picture. Kind of hard to see, never noticed it while it was on my equipment shelf. Not sure where they came from.         
Have an somewhat older WA6 unit for sale, pre-PDPS. Everything works great and I can't find any aesthetic flaws there are some very small flaws (see pictures below). Comes with a power cable as well as the following tubes: RCA 6DE7, Pinnacle 6DR7, Valve Art 274B, Raytheon 5U4GB. Tubes in the picture are not included. More pictures of the amp or tubes upon request.    Price with Paypal and continental US shipping included, subtract $50 if picked up locally (this thing is...
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