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I've seen a few female HD800 connectors but they were all panel mount type if I'm remembering correctly. You might have some luck if you search deeper than I did. 
The delete key on Mac is exactly the same as backspace on a regular keyboard. It deletes back. There is a delete> key on the full size keyboards that deletes forward like a standard delete key on Windows. On the smaller/laptop keyboards, you have to do a key combination but that's not necessarily unreasonable for a small keyboard. Maybe it is to some, I don't know. There are just as many things I feel are hidden or less intuitive on Windows when compared to OSX.   I do...
Sorry, I didn't see this reply! Yes, I prefer Paypal.
 Sounds like you've already opened up the headphones. If you've got a multimeter, try measuring across the driver and see what you get. You can also try reflowing the solder, though that likely won't fix anything.
 There is no proof of it. The only things that there have been are anecdotes from humans saying they hear a difference and humans are incredibly unreliable, especially with perceptual differences. Nobody has passed a test showing that they can actually hear a difference.  If someone had PROOF showing that they were able to hear differences, then we would have to re-examine our position. Until then, the overwhelming body of evidence suggests no audible difference between...
If I'm understanding this correctly, this can be broken down in two parts:   1) Testing for differences between mp3 and wav playback --> Keep files in respective formats. 2) Testing for audible differences in the actual audio --> Make both files wav to minimize external factors.    Basically depends what you are testing for. If you want to see whether the software/hardware somehow processes mp3 and wav differently, that is the only time when you need to keep the mp3...
 Sorry, I'm mostly just looking for cash to fund other projects
Hunting/Foraging doesn't count?
Being reference and being used by DJs are not the same thing, nor should the terms imply that one is tied with the other. They can say that their products are used by DJs because there actually are some that use Beats, however there's no reason that DJs have to be using reference-level headphones. In fact, I'm not sure why you think that but it may actually be the exact line of thought that Beats is trying to (indirectly) play on with young people new to...
 But that's precisely why those who think they can hear it should be doing these tests. You're right that if you go into it already thinking there's no difference, the test isn't going to work properly. 
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