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No, a sound card won't be able to provide enough for a set of speakers. You'll be looking at a standalone unit that sits apart from the computer. For $50, you'll probably have some luck looking for an older receiver, maybe on Craigslist or at your local thrift shops. Or you could just get a pair of active speakers! 
 Pretty sure he's talking about the HD700
Yep, you'll need some sort of amp for the speakers. Power amp, integrated amp, receiver, etc will all work, you'll just want to make sure you get something that matches up with the requirements of the speakers. 
Yes, basically active speakers have an amp built into the unit, meaning you only have to supply it with a signal. Passive speakers require a separate amp to work.    Pros and cons are hard to say beyond the fact that active is generally more convenient since they're self-contained. Passives might be considered more flexible and the speakers themselves are usually lighter since they don't have the amp built in.  Unfortunately, there's nothing as simple as "passive or...
Ultimate Ears has the same kind of thing going on now after going to 3D printing. Build time is cut drastically, but the only color available for the body is clear. Faceplates are the only part left that can be customized.
My main complaints with the 8.4 music app are that the album art goes all the way up to the top of the screen (minimize circle / status bar info disrupting album art) and the recently added section at the top of the lists. Neither are super big problems but they just feel like unnecessary changes and I find them annoying. 
I've seen a few female HD800 connectors but they were all panel mount type if I'm remembering correctly. You might have some luck if you search deeper than I did. 
The delete key on Mac is exactly the same as backspace on a regular keyboard. It deletes back. There is a delete> key on the full size keyboards that deletes forward like a standard delete key on Windows. On the smaller/laptop keyboards, you have to do a key combination but that's not necessarily unreasonable for a small keyboard. Maybe it is to some, I don't know. There are just as many things I feel are hidden or less intuitive on Windows when compared to OSX.   I do...
Sorry, I didn't see this reply! Yes, I prefer Paypal.
 Sounds like you've already opened up the headphones. If you've got a multimeter, try measuring across the driver and see what you get. You can also try reflowing the solder, though that likely won't fix anything.
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