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Thanks Justin, can't wait to try out the XC!
My understanding is that you could do that, audioops. From the iTunes Match page  [edit: beaten to it!]
 If by this you mean you want to take a single-ended cable and make it work as 4pin balanced, then no.  Basically, you can make a balanced cable (either 2x3pin or 4pin) work as single-ended with an adapter, but you can't make a single-ended cable balanced.
Personally, I think splitting it would be best. You'll get a better return on sound quality with headphones. Put a couple hundred into headphones can get you a nice setup, and spending the rest for your car can get you a good set of front stage speakers, a sub, and amps to go along with both, if you do the wiring yourself.    After several years doing car audio, I came to realization that car audio is mostly a futile effort unless you do a whole lot more work (read:...
 If I'm thinking about the same thing you are, I believe it was just a trick to see how people respond and not actually real.
Well, looks like I won't be able to make the meet -- the higher ups want me back in eastern Washington for a meeting Sunday afternoon before things start picking up again and I just can't wiggle out of it. Pretty bummed, there was actually a lot of gear that I wanted to try. Sorry to anyone who was hoping to listen to my equipment! (though I think most of it is overlapped by other attending members)
 very much agreed. Might also be worth editing your previous post to reduce confusion.  
Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to hear any version of the DT880.    As for soundstage between T1 and T90, it wasn't something that left a deep impression on me when I switched. I'd say they are probably relatively close, at least as far as depth/width go (could have been my music too, or just something that I'm not particularly picky about). Placement and positioning is better with T1 though.   A lot of people, as I'm sure you've read, say that the T90 is 95%...
Sorry, I should have clarified that I upgraded from T90 to T1 after owning the T90 for two or so months. T1 really does everything better IMO, except for slightly less bass quantity. The treble is significantly smoother, which was my only real complaint against the T90s. 
For what it's worth, I went to the T1s and have no regrets!
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