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Phonitor e is set up on my rack now. I haven't listened to it yet -- will update this post once I get some time with it.    Thanks for sending it up to me @humzebra, and of course thanks to @grizzlybeast for coordinating!
The Phonitor 2 has been one of the few amps I still have a lot of interest in trying, but just never got around to. Now with the improvements on the X, I'm more interested than ever and it would be awesome to get an extended test.   earthpeople Seattle, WA I don't have any recent reviews/impressions, but I have several from many years back (a couple reviews and many impressions spread around the forums -- I used to be much more...
This was briefly discussed a few years back, but I wanted to check consensus on disconnecting headphones before turning off electrostatic amps. I've done it a few times in the last couple days just to see if anything happens, but it seems there's been no adverse effects.  I ask just to make sure I'm not long-term damaging my headphones or amps. I suspect it's fine due to the STAX connector not shorting like a regular TRS plug when inserting/removing. Of course, I stop any...
Price includes insured/tracked shipping and Paypal costs within US.  SOLD     Great condition with one very small, hard to see dent on one of the ear cups (see second picture)   Custom shorter length, lightweight Mogami cable terminated with Viablue 6.3mm plug   I am the first and only owner. Clean, pet/smoke free environment.      Ships in original metal case in original box in another box
Price includes insured/tracked shipping and Paypal costs within US.      Matched pair of Chatham 5998 tubes for sale.  Bought them about a year and a half ago as a backup pair, but looking to fund some other toys.  I used them for about 4 hours over the weekend just to ensure they're still working without any problems.    Would like to keep them as a pair unless I have two buyers that each want only one.
Nice giveaway, thanks for doing it!    My guesses are 1) 168,247 2) 124,888 3) 183,950
  I just checked the website and noticed it doesn't mention pre-amp anymore (except for one of the quoted reviews), and the picture showing the rear of the WA2 has in the caption "pre amp output (discontinued)", so it must have been changed at some point between your order and now. Interesting that they removed it though -- I imagine that most users don't use the amp for it's pre-amp ability, but I always thought it was a nice bonus to have. Is it just empty where the...
Very awesome, Will!   Massdrop name is "andrew.a"   Audio products I would like to see more of... I'd probably say speaker amps. 
I almost couldn't believe it when I got the email saying I won, haha   SE has been my #1 place for car audio going back almost a decade now (though I haven't bought much in the past few years) so it was exciting to see them start selling headphones and get involved in the community here. And of course, I'm really happy to win!
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