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In college I used to sleep about 5 or 6 hours a night and then take a 2 hour nap when I got home from class/work (usually around 3pm). It was really nice and I always had plenty of energy. I wish I could maintain a schedule like that again but working full-time makes it tough. 
Paypal is acceptable, it's just highly recommended not to send as "gift" because that leaves you with pretty much no protection if the other party tries to rip you off.    The majority of transactions are performed using Paypal. 
 He's making a joke, presumably with respect to the cables made with dozens of braided silver wires that are available nowadays.
 Glad to hear it's figured out. I haven't had any other headphones that respond quite like the T1s to my hair but most headphones have an additional soft cover or layer on the inside -- the T1s are a bit unique as far as the interior finish goes. 
At my computer, I have Audioengine A2s hooked up to the preamp out of my Conductor. Works fine for general purposes when I can't or don't feel like wearing headphones. More critical listening goes to headphones or my speaker setup, which seems like what you're planning to do too.    I like the A2s because they look good and are small enough to fit under my displays but of course you've got tons of options out there. Either way, you are right about powered speakers -- it...
 Could it be your hair? I've had similar issues before with my T1 depending how long my hair is. Otherwise, the T1 are quite easy to take apart if you really think it's something inside the cans.
No, a sound card won't be able to provide enough for a set of speakers. You'll be looking at a standalone unit that sits apart from the computer. For $50, you'll probably have some luck looking for an older receiver, maybe on Craigslist or at your local thrift shops. Or you could just get a pair of active speakers! 
 Pretty sure he's talking about the HD700
Yep, you'll need some sort of amp for the speakers. Power amp, integrated amp, receiver, etc will all work, you'll just want to make sure you get something that matches up with the requirements of the speakers. 
Yes, basically active speakers have an amp built into the unit, meaning you only have to supply it with a signal. Passive speakers require a separate amp to work.    Pros and cons are hard to say beyond the fact that active is generally more convenient since they're self-contained. Passives might be considered more flexible and the speakers themselves are usually lighter since they don't have the amp built in.  Unfortunately, there's nothing as simple as "passive or...
New Posts  All Forums: