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Nice giveaway, thanks for doing it!    My guesses are 1) 168,247 2) 124,888 3) 183,950
  I just checked the website and noticed it doesn't mention pre-amp anymore (except for one of the quoted reviews), and the picture showing the rear of the WA2 has in the caption "pre amp output (discontinued)", so it must have been changed at some point between your order and now. Interesting that they removed it though -- I imagine that most users don't use the amp for it's pre-amp ability, but I always thought it was a nice bonus to have. Is it just empty where the...
Very awesome, Will!   Massdrop name is "andrew.a"   Audio products I would like to see more of... I'd probably say speaker amps. 
I almost couldn't believe it when I got the email saying I won, haha   SE has been my #1 place for car audio going back almost a decade now (though I haven't bought much in the past few years) so it was exciting to see them start selling headphones and get involved in the community here. And of course, I'm really happy to win!
I love the TH900 precisely for its powerful bass and wide, open sound. I haven't heard the AD700, but I think the Fostex keep up pretty well with my T1 and HD800, especially for being closed.    Also please keep in mind that your transducers are going to be the most important part of the chain so while recommendations to improve your other components may be fair, putting more of your budget towards the headphones is going to make the biggest difference.
I've started getting into scotch lately. The two that I've had most so far are Macallan 12 and Laphroaig 18. I'm still inexperienced but I find the Macallan 12 to be very easy to drink. The Laphroaig is nice too but it took me a little bit to warm up to it, probably because of the smokiness. 
Wow, I actually received a message from him regarding the Noble 6 that I had up for sale -- glad I didn't continue forward with that.    Sorry to hear about your situation though. International deals are particularly difficult when things go wrong, unfortunately. 
I wear contacts and glasses regularly to see further. You definitely shouldn't have blurred vision while wearing contacts, are you sure the prescription for your contacts is correct? You might have to do a contacts fitting to find out if there's a particular type/brand that works and to ensure your prescription is right. 
 What about when you take your 24/96 and convert it to 16/44? Make sure your lower res copy is created from your higher res version and compare those two. 
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