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i've been using Matrix Quattro with Genelec 8030A's for over 2 years now and i'm looking to finally upgrade, one requirement is the it must be black, unless you can convince me otherwise.   one dac that caught my eye is Audiolab M-DAC, i'll admit purely because of the looks but having looked at couple of reviews it seems to be a solid piece of gear.     thanks for reading.
foobar2000 !
i had them for few days now and i can't get used to the mids, i miss my re-262's :(  would swapping tips make nay difference ? or should i give them more time ?
anyone using these with samsung galaxy s3 ? i wonder whether i should start looking into portable amps or not. (i should have them in a week so i haven't had a chance to try them out yet)
how do these compare to re-262s ?
Victoria Legrand (Beach House)      
i couldn't live with bright headphones, long listening sessions result in earache/headache, i cannot stand headphones that don't have good bass or have recessed mids.   so i'd pick the LCD-2 ;)     what is your preferred sound ?   what would you rather sacrifice ?   if you cannot decide get both :D   or if possible buy speakers instead, IMO speakers are much better, and are better value for money too.
i'm really sorry but i can't come to the meet :(
i could but it was modded (the bumps on the headband were extremely annoying so i cut them off) and it looks like crap, i'm not too proud of that "mod" which is the reason i didn't offer to bring them to the meet. /////////////////   i've got another friend who'd like to come, so if there's space for me and 2 more people i'll bring:   Audeze LCD-2 Rev.1 with a Q-Audio Cable (should i bring the stock cable too ?) AKG K702 (i cut off the bumps on the headband and while its...
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