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Looking for a Icon Audio HP-8 MKII Headphone Amp, in good shape, with at least the orig. tubes. Let me know if you have one that not being used.
Will you take $700 now and the balance on Thursday? Just need to move some money from another account. I've been here over 10 years, here is my old feedback:   Charles
 'Nuff said.
 Thank you. I was going off on the previous poster. But, we know where the real stupidity lies.   I'm ready!
PM sent.
Never had that happened on my Mac Mini. What other devices do you have on USB bus?
I have K702, and the Pan Am drives them fine. I also used to have Bravo, the Pan Am is in a entirely different league.
 That's so nice.
It is not a big difference, more refining of the Graham Slee sound. Giving it a more tube-like sound with smooth, velvety midrange and subsumed treble and awesome bass. Yes, you can obtain more control of your sound using a tube amp like the Crack, Pan Am, or Lyr. But, if you want the best of both worlds, I highly recommended.
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