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  I completely agree.  It is a very smart choice.  Very durable, no nonsense, and does not cost a fortune. In fact, my speakers are using the 12awg version of this cable.  I have absolutely no plans of changing cables, but then again, I am a Bluejeans Cable kind of guy, so take that for what it's worth.
Sabbath, no contest.
Definitely go for Verisäkeet.  Honestly, it is the best pagan/folk/viking metal album ever.  The last track is crap, but the first four are divine.
Great review, Skylab.  Makes me glad that I am on the pre-order list.  I am especially looking forward to going through my binaural collection with these.  I do not exactly have any phones catered toward binaural recordings, so these should be really something.
Classic Ozzy.  He never will grow up, and that's the way it should be
I will have to check out Turisas when I have the chance.  I agree with plonter, Slania is a good album (lead male vocals are a bit annoying at times, but I digress).  The title track is very catchy.
I have been following this thread for a while.    I am so taken with the looks if the LCD-2, happy about the pragmatic cable choice and use of mini XLR plugs, and appreciative of the obvious high quality construction that I went ahead and was placed on the pre-order list a few weeks ago.  I do not know what it is about this particular phone but it was the only one out of the recent flagship phones released recently that tempted me enough to add to my mostly Grado...
    Moonsorrow is truly astounding.  Kivenkantaja and especially Verisäkeet are required in any metal fan's collection.  In my opinion, those two albums are up there in Opeth territory.  You owe it to yourself to give them a good digesting.  
I wish him a painful and miserable recovery.  At least he has that option.  No such luck for the bull, but at least he gave this loser something to remember him by before being brought down.   It's too bad the bull did not lower his head just a bit more. Then it would have been true justice.   mrarroyo:  torturing a bull in an arena is no different than torturing a dog in an alley (or whatever).  To do such acts to an animal is a true demonstration of...
Wow, this is shocking.  Based on the scant details throughout the months, I really thought he had this thing beat.  Very sad.  Now I have to try to comfort one of my students tomorrow who was a HUGE fan. :(   RIP, Ronnie.
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