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Wanted, Redsound MicroAmp, the one powered with two 9 volt batteries, not the one with the BPM counter.   Thanks
It makes my eyes roll all the time. The worst is some kid at best buy trying to sell me a pair of beats and educate me on headphones. I suprise them when I tell them that I own a pair of headphones that cost $3k and don't need beats or bose.
I got a pair again this time. i may sell them, but with a markup to cover paypal fees and shipping.
this is teh gift that keeps on giving   Free shipping with prime.
Then there is the hottest woman on earth. Naomi Watts.
My vote goes to Jenny Wade. She a bit of a tomboy and childish in personality.  
I am still on 4.2, but I went ahead and updated a bunch of apps and one of the Goodreader no longer works under 4.2. I guess I need to upgrade to iOS5, but you guys are not giving me much confidence.
I agree 100%. I have been saying all along that rockbox does not really sound good. It must be the codecs that they use. Everything through rockbox ends up sounding low fi.    
They were gifted, sorry.
Each for $100 of course
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