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I work at Fry's so today was pretty atrocious to say the least. The only good deal I saw components wise was probably the 4GB dual pack of RAM for $40 with an MIR attached to it. Everything else was bleh to me especially all of the Toshiba HDTVs that people scooped up like crazy.
Valkyrie: B Pretty hard to make a suspenseful movie when you already know how it's going to end. The saving grace of this movie is the top billing in the acting department headed up by Stamp, Bannagh and Cruise with the former two being undervalued by most of the media.
I'll definitely head this up but no clue about gear yet.
The Lenovo S10 is a great netbook for the money. IIRC it has a 160GB HDD, 512MB PC5300 memory expandable up to 1.5GB, 1.6GHz for ~$400. ASUS netbooks get rave reviews too; look up the Eee900 or 1000 series for more info.
Must be an amazing friend to get a $300+ gift. :-D The RSA Mustang is getting rave reviews but truth be told you aren't going to fully realize those headphones with a portable amp. Even then those headphones will be a pain to carry around and making sure it's in top condition will be strenuous to say the least.
The RSA Mustang is getting praises all around and is said to have excellent synergy to the W3s. ALO Audio seems to be the premier LOD maker based on how many people I see post about them.
Quote: Originally Posted by ph0rk You're better off that way. I watched the first six seasons over a lazy summer, and I want my 144 hours back. Blasphemy! 24 does do product placement but it's easy to forget since...well it's 24 what do you think. One season had some sort of extended commerical with Jack Bauer chasing a guy in a Ford truck, and another time it was a Toyota four door hatchback. Macs are commonly used in the last two or...
I'm entertaining an offer of barely used 2006(?) (most likely the 250ohm version) DT880s for $175+S&H on another forum. Judging from the DT880 sales in FS forum this seems to be a good deal that shouldn't be passed up and I plan to buy a RSA Mustang and ALO Jumbo Cryo x Silver or Cryo SXC 18G down the line. The original plan was to buy Westone 3s, then the portable amp and interconnect but chances are I can haggle it down a little bit more at this rate.
No clue on the MS cashback? I'm inching closer and close to getting them at full price now. X_X
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