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Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel Interesting that of the top PRIDE fighters (besides Fedor) only Rampage Jackson has had success in UFC.......others have been big disappointments Shogun Rua Dan Henderson Cro Cop Vanderlei Silva Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera Anyone have a theory why the poor showing by PRIDE fighters? Most people thought after Chuck Liddell got stomped by Rampage Jackson in cameo PRIDE appearance they would dominate UFC after...
Quote: Originally Posted by andrewsvt X2 Wanderlei Silva hasn't been the same for quite some time. Actually, he didn't do well in his last fights in Pride either. There've been lots of rumors about his shape and bad performance here in Brazil, but some people do think he is decadent. BTW, Minotauro is THE man. It must of been tough being a Brazilian fan after what happened tonight. Watching Silva get KOed was painful but watching Noguiera...
I know there's has to be a following on Head-Fi just that a lot of people are closet fans for whatever reason. Tomorrow's card should be incredible with two title fights, a grudge match and other matchups that have highlight heel written all over them. Nonetheless here are my predictions: Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs. Frank Mir Mir is overmatched in this fight in all aspects. Minotauro has a proven record of submission wins, solid boxing skills, great cardio, great chin...
Valkyria Chronicles: fun strategy RPG game that'll make you pull your hair on occasion. If you like Front Mission or Final Fantasy Tactics give this game a try.
Once before and after work for me.
I work at Fry's so today was pretty atrocious to say the least. The only good deal I saw components wise was probably the 4GB dual pack of RAM for $40 with an MIR attached to it. Everything else was bleh to me especially all of the Toshiba HDTVs that people scooped up like crazy.
Valkyrie: B Pretty hard to make a suspenseful movie when you already know how it's going to end. The saving grace of this movie is the top billing in the acting department headed up by Stamp, Bannagh and Cruise with the former two being undervalued by most of the media.
I'll definitely head this up but no clue about gear yet.
The Lenovo S10 is a great netbook for the money. IIRC it has a 160GB HDD, 512MB PC5300 memory expandable up to 1.5GB, 1.6GHz for ~$400. ASUS netbooks get rave reviews too; look up the Eee900 or 1000 series for more info.
New Posts  All Forums: