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One thing to keep in mind is that defending against takedowns the whole time is brutal. Look at Lutter vs. Franklin: Lutter was relentless in the takedowns and even Franklin (who has solid cardio at MW) was sluggish in the second round. I had Henderson at 29-28 but he did do enough to warrant another W; with his nightmarish defensive wrestling and his right doomfist cocked and ready to go at any time he made Franklin respect it and there were times where Decision Dan had...
I remember reading a huge recommended PSU list on [H]ard|OCP - and remember that Ultra was on the list on what to void at all costs. With that said, PCP&C makes excellent PSUs but the fans are a bit too loud for my tastes.
Nifty card tomorrow. My picks are: Henderson Shogun Toquinho Kang Davis Kampmann
Quote: Originally Posted by Arainach Definitely go Core 2 Duo. Far better performance. For reference, here's the machine I just built for my dad a few weeks ago: Intel C2D E7300 CPU - $120 Great pick since anything below it is marginal in price and performance difference is notable between them Asus P5QL-E Motherboard - $107 I prefer Gigabyte since their boards around this price range is hard to beat but ASUS is solid nonetheless especially for...
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Brought W3s from him express shipped in excellent condition. Very helpful with all of my questions and would do business with him again.
Gran Torino: B Clint Eastwood shows us that he doesn't have to act as much as people knowing what to expect except his character's over the top racism. The rest of the cast was serviceable and authentic with solid storytelling in the first half but the rest of the movie felt rushed. Walt's transformation seemed too quick but likewise any more scenes would of ruined the already slow deliberate pace in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic Are you rating the crappy version or the original one? When I started to watch amazing foreign films like that, I discovered that a lot of hollywood movies are ripped from a (usually better) foreign film or some classic. It's sad they can't just can't produce good original stuff. Hollywood can't recreate the cultural context that those movies reference and instead insert melodramatic elements that...
Anybody watching the Dynamite!! 2008 card tomorrow? ~20 fights in one night with top level K-1 and MMA fighters on the card. Hoping to see Manhoef and Alvarez win tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaykay Add another to acqua di gio. I barely ever use cologne though. It'd be a great cologne to wear...if a million other people didn't already wear it.
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