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Brought W3s from him express shipped in excellent condition. Very helpful with all of my questions and would do business with him again.
Gran Torino: B Clint Eastwood shows us that he doesn't have to act as much as people knowing what to expect except his character's over the top racism. The rest of the cast was serviceable and authentic with solid storytelling in the first half but the rest of the movie felt rushed. Walt's transformation seemed too quick but likewise any more scenes would of ruined the already slow deliberate pace in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic Are you rating the crappy version or the original one? When I started to watch amazing foreign films like that, I discovered that a lot of hollywood movies are ripped from a (usually better) foreign film or some classic. It's sad they can't just can't produce good original stuff. Hollywood can't recreate the cultural context that those movies reference and instead insert melodramatic elements that...
Anybody watching the Dynamite!! 2008 card tomorrow? ~20 fights in one night with top level K-1 and MMA fighters on the card. Hoping to see Manhoef and Alvarez win tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaykay Add another to acqua di gio. I barely ever use cologne though. It'd be a great cologne to wear...if a million other people didn't already wear it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sir Nobax Far from audiophile quality, but its pretty awesome to be able to stream music from all around the world (including my pc at home) 24/7 with a HSDPA connection. My Aurvana's are too sensitive though, their 115dB/mW sensitivity is too high to use it in combination with a noisy source like the S.E. X1. (in other words, it hisses) If you can afford an Xperia I would tend to think that buying nice a...
Your best bet is to find a 80GB 5.5G iPod on eBay or CL. Average going price for one is around $180 and from what I've seen there isn't much of a price disparity from the 30GB to 80GB. Chances are you'll be trying your best to find FLAC files to fully capitalize on it too and the space will go pretty quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by mape00 Sherdog wrote about UFC 91 proving that jiu jitsu in MMA is not dead. But after watching UFC 92 I don't know what to believe. It was a sad day for a jiu jitsu practitioner. Sure, Nogueira most likely wanted to wear down Mir for two rounds before going for the kill, and except for him, there were no high level bjj guys... but it didn't look good. MMA has always been an evolutionary sport but likewise I haven't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Superpredator Slumdog Millionaire - 1.5/5 I'm curious as to why you didn't like the movie; it had an undeniable and uplifting energy to it that reminds me of Forrest Gump. It showed a bleak and grim reality of poverty and yet still had a surrealistic, invigorating quality with excellent storytelling.
Frost/Nixon: A Anybody over the age of 35 (or cinema lovers in general) would greatly appreciate the subject matter of the movie. Frank Langella's performance as Nixon is riveting especially when the movie reaches it's climax when Watergate is bought up.
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