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Penn by 3nd round TKO. Machida by 2nd round TKO. Jon Jones by unanimous decision. Kim by unanimous decision. Guida by unanimous decision. Possible FOTN. Fitch by destruction.
R.I.P. Grandmaster Helio Gracie. Without him modern MMA wouldn't exist and now he has passed on into eternity with his contributions to martial arts. How big is the news in Brazil? His family buried him very quickly with most of the family still scattered across the globe I hear.
You could say that Fedor was losing the fight but how many times have we seen Fedor in that position? He was losing against Randleman after that legendary suplex, he was in a bad way against Crocop going into the fight with an injured hand, he was losing the fight when Fujita rocked him with that right hook, he was losing against Choi with that GnP, etc. But what does Fedor do? He maintains his composure, keeps a cool mind and adapts to his opponent and that's his greatest...
Quote: Originally Posted by -=Germania=- I have been using a wood box from when I was in Panama that has a small compartment with a sponge ( Bought it as a small jewelry box, but I think it might be a humidor based on the layout). I keep the sponge damp to the touch, but not wet. Then I keep the box on a shelf, my room is a constant 75*, so I don't imagine too much of an issue. Even if it's not cedar wood make sure you wipe the box down with...
Fedor Barnett Sidelnikov Sobral Belfort BET IT
One thing to keep in mind is that defending against takedowns the whole time is brutal. Look at Lutter vs. Franklin: Lutter was relentless in the takedowns and even Franklin (who has solid cardio at MW) was sluggish in the second round. I had Henderson at 29-28 but he did do enough to warrant another W; with his nightmarish defensive wrestling and his right doomfist cocked and ready to go at any time he made Franklin respect it and there were times where Decision Dan had...
I remember reading a huge recommended PSU list on [H]ard|OCP - www.HardOCP.com and remember that Ultra was on the list on what to void at all costs. With that said, PCP&C makes excellent PSUs but the fans are a bit too loud for my tastes.
Nifty card tomorrow. My picks are: Henderson Shogun Toquinho Kang Davis Kampmann
Quote: Originally Posted by Arainach Definitely go Core 2 Duo. Far better performance. For reference, here's the machine I just built for my dad a few weeks ago: Intel C2D E7300 CPU - $120 Great pick since anything below it is marginal in price and performance difference is notable between them Asus P5QL-E Motherboard - $107 I prefer Gigabyte since their boards around this price range is hard to beat but ASUS is solid nonetheless especially for...
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