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Boo-urns to Quebec for trying to pull a fast one on the UFC with this: Rules Shift Jeopardizes UFC 97 in Montreal Arbitrarily deciding to not allow knees or elbows, allowing a variation of a 10-count and worst of all telling the UFC to use a smaller cage; who the hell do they think they are? Their athletic commission looks painfully inept with these demands and I hope that it'll be cleared by then or else they might just pull the plug on any shows in Quebec for a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by royhubbs Just went to my local B&M store, and they had the Rocky Patel Edge box of 100 for $400 . I picked up a single to try em out for myself as well as a Xikar cutter Believe me when I say that you won't be disappointed; it's one of those cigars that are almost too good to be true in terms of a daily smoke. The Partagas Black was also consider as it's another great inexpensive daily smoke but my palate is slowly...
Quote: Originally Posted by EyeAmEye There is clear evidence that the cornerman had violated rules regarding this. If you don't think rubbing vasoline all over the torso of a fighter effects the fight as a whole, you're kidding yourself. Start adding sweat to it, and it becomes impossible to get a firm grip. That is unfair, illegal, and by athletic regulations, cheating. How would you describe it? It shouldn't be overlooked and glossed over. The fight...
I'm considering buying a "box" of Rocky Patel's The Edge Maduro in torpedo form. It's a great, inexpensive and robust cigar that makes for an excellent daily smoke and consistent in terms of quality. Thing is, each box has 100 sticks and roughly $5.50 per it's going to hurt. It's either this or an iQube.
Both of them are training partners and have stated that they'll never fight each other. These greasing allegations are getting ridiculous now with 6 fighters saying that GSP is a cheater and in some cases the whole camp greases. Talk about being sore losers... X_X
Penn by 3nd round TKO. Machida by 2nd round TKO. Jon Jones by unanimous decision. Kim by unanimous decision. Guida by unanimous decision. Possible FOTN. Fitch by destruction.
R.I.P. Grandmaster Helio Gracie. Without him modern MMA wouldn't exist and now he has passed on into eternity with his contributions to martial arts. How big is the news in Brazil? His family buried him very quickly with most of the family still scattered across the globe I hear.
You could say that Fedor was losing the fight but how many times have we seen Fedor in that position? He was losing against Randleman after that legendary suplex, he was in a bad way against Crocop going into the fight with an injured hand, he was losing the fight when Fujita rocked him with that right hook, he was losing against Choi with that GnP, etc. But what does Fedor do? He maintains his composure, keeps a cool mind and adapts to his opponent and that's his greatest...
Quote: Originally Posted by -=Germania=- I have been using a wood box from when I was in Panama that has a small compartment with a sponge ( Bought it as a small jewelry box, but I think it might be a humidor based on the layout). I keep the sponge damp to the touch, but not wet. Then I keep the box on a shelf, my room is a constant 75*, so I don't imagine too much of an issue. Even if it's not cedar wood make sure you wipe the box down with...
Fedor Barnett Sidelnikov Sobral Belfort BET IT
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