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CAO Vision was OK but I remember it being a medium powered smoke at best and slightly woodsy throughout the experience. As for CAO they're hit or miss with the MX2, CX2, and Italia being misses in my book and CAO Brazilia and Black being excellent smokes. The Brazilia is a solid, robust after dinner smoke that has a definite dark chocolate and almond scent to it. Don't remember much about the Black besides the good draw and construction through. Which Rocky Patel's have...
Nick Perdomo paid a visit to the local cigar shop I frequent and had tons of specials for his entire line. Picked up a box of Lot 23 Belicoso Maduros for $85 after tax, ate a ton of BBQ, drank some Shiner and chatted with him for a wee bit. Also got a Perdomo 5 pack sampler for buying a box of Perdomo cigars too!
Haven't checked this thread in a while -- good to see people stocking up on cigars like food before Y2K "hit". :-P Found a very favorable candidate for a daily smoke. Perdomo Lot 23 is the name of the cigar and took a liking to it besides the rather bland and oversized wrapper especially for a 5x50 smoke. Excellent draw from a V-cut, plumes of smoke, pretty earthy with a tinge of creaminess to it and an overall joy to smoke even if it was on the lighter side. I'd go as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fido2 I didn't see the pics of the car Rob. You got a link to those? PM if you want. What about Machida/Evans? Could be a great fight....? Imagine the front and rear in great condition but the middle completely gone. Both parts of the car were 30-35 feet apart at the accident scene.
That match was pretty painful to watch since both guys are good on the ground but Diego would of tooled him nonetheless. Koscheck wants to fight at UFC98 and even stated that he wants a top flight opponent; how could anyone not like the guy now? I'm not even a fan of his and would argue that the last stoppage was premature and he just asks that there be more leeway with him since he's one of the premiere WW fighters in the world.
I rarely have a fighter that I truly am a fan of but Maia has quickly turned into a favorite fighter of mine right beside Minotauro. When you see both of them fight, there's a sense of absolute, almost mythical belief in their BJJ that will lead them to victory. In Maia's case, I haven't seen someone who has transitioned to MMA grappling so well in the past few years. There has been many grapplers who have been champions in Abu Dhabi and Mundials but few of them have made...
Anybody else think the Koscheck stoppage was premature? The refs tonight seem to err on the side of caution and he just paid for it. :-\
Bought an iQube from him but had to wait for the money to transfer to my PP account; Alex was cordial and patient during the whole process and would deal with him again. AA+++++++++
Age: 23 Location: Grand Prairie, Texas Rig: Rockboxed iPod 5.5G 60GB > iQube > Westone 3 with UM56 tips. Why: Because it's going to be a while before I get an iMod done to it, decided to jump off the deep (deep) end for a first rig but been able to get all the parts for cheap so far. 1 > 2 > 5 > 3 > 4
I paid $30 per ear impression and most people here have had the same price so anything more is questionable.
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