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I seldom touch my portable setup anymore so it's being dismantled and priced to move. This Westone 3 was bought from another Head-Fi member, jensenb9, in early January in excellent shape save for a slight cord unravel that's a visual imperfection at worst. They've perform like a champ but again, portable Head-Fi is something of a distant memory for me. All of the original items (ear plug set, boxing, booklets, etc.) are intact in excellent condition. None of the ear...
I seldom touch my portable setup anymore so it's being dismantled and sold. This iQube V1 was bought from another Head-Fi member, monsieurguzel, in early February in pristine condition save for a slight scuff mark from opening the case to charge the batteries. The eneloop batteries he used and sent to me are intact and still running strong when I checked it an hour ago. All of the original items in the package (short interconnect, iQube black band, booklets, etc.) are...
As far as I'm concerned as long as Lesnar isn't too asinine with his antics (like slamming on the UFC's main sponsor Bud Light) he'll be great for the company. He's the most polarizing figure in MMA and most fans either love or hate him; case in point I rooted for Mir to score a win over Lesnar and I've never rooted for him before.
Don Pepin and one of his master cigar rollers visited my local B&M last Thursday for an event and tried a My Father for the first time on the recommendation of one of the workers there; excellent draw, medium powered until the last third where it was full boided and has a coffee/mocha/woodsy throughout. It's a pricey stick but bought a sampler pack so it'll sit for several months in the humidor and see where it goes after that time. Don Pepin spoke little to no English...
Smoked a Montecristo #2, Rocky Patel Decade, Perdomo Patriarch and Punch Double Corona over the course of the weekend along with a ton of fajitas. Loving the immense floral aroma from the Double Corona and might look into getting a box down the road right now.
Cohibas is the most counterfeited cigar brand in the world especially the ones in "glass tops." There's a few good guides online that details what to look for in authentic or counterfeit Cohibas that you should check out. Nothing terribly exciting on my end besides smoking an Illusione Epernay and most of Tatuaje's "Red" line. The Epernay smoked pretty much like a 888 or cg4 but smoother and easier draw so and I definitely recommend it as a try. DN67 check your PMs.
I wake up to either a RickRoll or Rick Ross' "Hustlin'" When I start driving it's the Sopranos theme song.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkninja67 Got these today: AF Chateau Sun Grown and a box of Chateau Maduro, plus a box of Griffins Fuerte robustos. Smoked a RP Edge Maduro Missile today. Was pretty good overall. Tell me how the Chateaus smoke because I haven't found a single line outside the Short Story and Opus X that I've liked from AF. Didn't like the Flor Fina 858, really disliked the Curly Head or whatever it's called and was impartial...
Now that I think about it, a Liga Privada might be up your ally for the price range and power. Complex flavors, consistent quality, and the price tag of $11+ a stick is all I remember but it'll be worth at least a sampler.
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