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Not much of a beer connoisseur but I enjoy the occasional Le Fin Du Monde or Hoegaarden. My tastes buds for beer line up well with most Belgian beers as far as I can tell.
The funeral begins soon enough, it's going to be a lot of fun for Real since The Chosen One, Pepe and Ramos are missing.
A week and a half ago I got a iQube V1 from another HFer and put 20 some odd hours through it so far. Initial impressions so far is that it is indeed the king of clarity and transparency helping out a little with the separation of instruments and a larger soundstage that still sounds as intimate as ever. Bass extension also got a boost too and over time I'll definitely write down more impressions and thoughts about bout the iQube and MDs once their burned in properly.
To the OP I suggest you do a little research and do your best not to fall into the Monster hyper machine that's already devoured so many others.   Just decide what sound signature you're after and starting scouring though all of those threads, then decide on what you want to get.
A bit of a worry: The right IEM on my MDs at times will play at a lower volume than the left IEM until a gentle tap/nudge is given but otherwise they play beautifully.   Luckily, I have a in-store warranty with them where they can be swapped out on the spot but still, Monster QC makes me wonder at times.
Finally got my pair of MDs and loving them so far. Through my iPod 5.5G through the headphone jack it sounds rather dead compared to my iPhone 4G but a iQube V1 is in order along with an LOD so I'll get a real taste of what they can do soon enough.   Regardless, the mids are every bit as lush and smooth as described by everybody else here in this thread.
The Turbine is the superior out of the two and I'd avoid anything that's been musician branded by Monster Cable; one of their representatives more or less admitted to me that the branding headphones and IEMs (Dre, Gaga, etc.) is far more for marketing than anything else.   Of course, with a little research on this website you can find superior IEMs for roughly the same price for the Turbines.
Before this thread got mired in compliants that should have been taken to PMs, I believe there was a discussion about how the WhipMOD compares to the iMod. Any impressions and/or subjective analysis would be greatly appreciated since I'm in the market to mod my iPod 5.5G sooner or later.
**EDITED**   Nevermind found it.   My MDs are on the way and with an ETA of a week max, I hope to have an iQube ready to go along with a decent LOD.
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