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 Yes, I do mean sound leakage, but your answer hit the nail on the head. Gonna hit up a local audio store and audition a few cans, and thanks again for all the help.
Just throwing it out there: How about the DT880s from Beyer?? Yes, their semi-closed, but how loud are they really compared to fully opened cans??   That or the DT770s.
Thanks for the recommendations guys, the out of the box recommendations are welcome.   Upon further thought, it will have to be a closed back headphone as I have roommates to the mindful of. Will definitely look into the Ultrasones now, and even forego an amp for the time being.
Yes, it has to play nice with games, but doesn't have to be the most discerning as I don't play competitively. Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely look into the AKG now.
Hola Head-Fi'ers!! It's been a while since the last time I was in this hobby and looking to compliment my gaming PC with a respectable headphone and desktop amp to boot. All of my personal experience when it comes to gear is about four years old now, so anything that's come out since then is news to me. I am interested in the ATH-M50X and Little Dot I+ given that the former is neutral to slightly warm and the latter was good for the price point. Eitherway... Source MSI...
AAASelling off my set of MC MSTs since I've hardly done anything related to this hobby in a while and found myself other, equally expensive hobbies. Yes, these are legitimate and I have the pictures of a receipt to prove so. The picture of the receipt is only on PM basis only as it has information sensitive to me. These were bought at Fry's Electronics who has a strong working relationship with Monster Cable and is authorized to sell their product. What I have here are...
Greetings Head-Fiers,   Selling off my Qables iQube V1 in great condition as I've decided to cut down on this expensive hobby of ours. I purchased this iQube V1 from TraceyG, another Head-Fier who was the original owner of the item in late April and put roughly 50 hours of use onto it. While I've had it, it did accrue some wear and tear on the rubber parts of the item but other immaculate as shown in the pictures. It comes with everything shown in the pictures and to...
Typecasting as someone above me said. The same thing happened to Bill Murray when he starred in "Lost In Translation" where most of his fans from the comedy movies he was in thought it was trash. I on the other hand thought that the movie was nothing short of brilliant.
A steal would be the priced I paid for mine -- $225 after taxes.   The most telltale sign of fakes is the mesh on the ends being recessed versus being flush with the ends.
I own the MDs and have to play they're one of the more pleasant IEMs I've owned compared to the SE535 and W3. It's not as analytical as the MCs or bassy like the PGs but the sound signature on the MDs are very intimate, alive and the mids are very lush and full.
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