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Hippo VB suits the description, I think :) The treble can be harsh until it's completely burnt in, FYI..   You can check the review in ClieOS or |joker|'s multi-IEM review thread :)
Thanks for the review, ClieOS. I've been dying to read a review of the Shroom EB. May I request for a more detailed description of the EB's bass? After all, that's what the improvement is all about.. A comparison with VB's bass (or RE0's) would be very welcome. Thanks again! @Jaben: please make this product available in Indonesia soon! I see that Gumstick has arrived, but Shroom EB has not. What's up with that? :(
Wow.. As the OP, I regret the fact that this thread I started has become a battleground where people belittle other people and say hurtful things.   I mean, really. We're talking about audio here. Means to enjoy music which we love. That's all. No need to get serious or offended by other people's opinions, even their ignorance. Not everyone has the time and/or devotion to read and learn from each and every thread before they voice their opinion (nor should they be...
Quote: That's what EQ does, if all bands are modified so that they are on the same level (e.g. +4dB on every band).   I guess the only sure way to solve this is to have two Clip+, one set to Normal and one set to Custom with all bands boosted +4dB, and compare their sounds :D
So it's kind of like turning the volume higher, then? Boosting the dB?  
The 880s it is, then.. I'd still have to audition them to test if they have Twilight-grade sparkle.. Heheh :D   Thanks, swbf2cheater!
Hmm.. Intriguing review.. Interested on how people will react to this thread :)   I'm currently looking to move up the earbuds ladder from the PK3.. I doubted the PK2s would have enough bass for me, and the PK1s need an amp, which I don't want to lug around. And now this review makes me want some MX! :D   Do you think unamped MX880s are still worth their price, or should I go with the 580s? I'm actually reluctant to buy the MX880s because of the potential...
I think you would get more helpful advices if you summarize what you actually want from your phones. From what I gather: - Bass extension - Bass not dominating the spectrum   I think the other important thing you should mention is the quantity of the bass that you wanted. People are suggesting a gamut from ER6i to Eterna here! :D
I think you should definitely return the OK2s, and get another type that fits you better. You and I both know that you will regret it if you don't :)   You know what you like: the PX100s. If I were you, I'd find reviews on PX100s, see what words people use to describe the bass on the PX100s (because different words actually convey different meanings - quality vs. quantity of bass, for example. You seem to want quantity. OK2s bass has good quality, but not...
Actually, they're quite decent.  With the foams on, they sound veiled but I took the foams off and they actually sound quite good! More transparency and clarity..   ..with no bass extension whatsoever :D
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