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This is going to hurt resale, I was planning on selling mine for a pair of IE8. Maybe I can trade em?
Quote: Originally Posted by chrjohns I finally received my comply t-140s (large) in the mail and at this point, they are the only tips that actually stay in my ears while I work out. Now the question will be -- how long can I make them last? Really like them so far though. I wonder how the sweat affects the Comply foam. I gave up on listening to music while running a long time ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by mremis ya I've tried them in a few different devices. I guess my only solution is warranty repair But any other recommendations for new headphones? Do you want to upgrade or stay about the same level?
You expect them to send you a new pair? I wouldn't...
Great review T.
The sound for me is too warm. I prefer bright sound. I have to aggressively EQ them to get any usable treble. The highs are just terrible in my opinion. Anyone have a suggestion for a better treble IEM? The W3s are ridiculously comfortable though.
I just can't get the treble to sparkle... no matter how hard I try. I have a D2. Any suggestions? edit://unamped
Quote: Originally Posted by Paddy855 Some random question but I have been wondering for some time what that little red symbol on the W3 phones is actually supposed to mean...? It's a three.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pale Rider Well, if I needed justification for my decision to buy the 3s at full price--and I really don't --I just got it. Thanks HA for an extraordinary review. Why not use Live cashback? Great review.
Now I am anticipating these even more. Thanks for the review.
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