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 Yeah it was a Schiit Jotenheim. Although I can't remember whether that was the Utopia or the Elear! Either way, sounded great. Thanks for the self-recommendation... Actually it's worth a lot for a vendor to be here on head-fi!
Hey Elear experts. So I'm about to take the plunge and I'd like some advice. I've tried my best to get through this thread, but it's really long, so apologies if these questions have been asked and answered already. I listened to the Elear and Utopia at CanJam NYC. I was absolutely blown away by both - f'kn gorgeous headphones. The Utopia is out of my price range, but I'm pretty sold on the Elear. So, questions: 1. Where in NY/NJ are people getting these? I actually...
Yeah I still have these, if there is any interest.
 So, turns out... After writing the above, I ordered the complys anyway, and they work great. Great isolation (without being dangerous to commute with) and really really comfortable. Good seal = good sound. And they haven't gotten too clogged with ear gunk ... yet. Thumbs up.
My work is about two blocks over. I walked past a few days ago, while they were still apparently setting up. Looks amazing, so great to have this nearby.
Thanks for the reply, but I really can't stand comply tips. They take forever to insert, and they get clogged quickly with gross ear gunk. Unless they've changed since I last tried them... ?
Hey guys, is anyone else having trouble getting and keeping ear tips for this thing? I've lost my stock tips (at least the ones which will fit my ears). After getting a replacement Momentum on warranty, I lost all those tips as well! I swear these things just fall off and roll away.   I tried digging into my spare tip drawer, and found a few that seemed like they would fit, but in fact come off and leave the tip in my ear. Kindof inconvenient when you're out and...
Great fun, thanks to the organizers. My 13-yo son and I made the trip from NJ. Highlights for me were the Ether Electrostats, just amazing. Ethers in general actually!   Thanks again, we'll be back.
Please consider buying my Sennheiser Momentum Black headphones. They are in great condition, having been used pretty sparingly since I bought them new from Amazon in late 2013. They still have the protective plastic around the cups, because I couldn't decide whether I was going to keep them or not! I finally decided... :)   Included is everything from the original purchase: box (slightly crushed), two cables (one with and one without remote), headphones and the hard...
Turns out it went great. Got a new refurbished unit with a new case and everything! (I had previously lost mine on a train...)Nice job, thanks Sennheiser!
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