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So I just got the 225i with 414 pads second hand. I love the sound quality, however I keep hearing the original Grado Bowls sounded better, but were much less comfortable. Any opinions on this guys? Is it worth getting the original bowls?   Also, I currently have an laptop with cheapo integrated soundcard and a fiio e5 amp coming in. What's my best option DAC wise? I was thinking of getting a USB-Xfi card.
5 pro
as the title says, I can trade,sell all or some of UE-5 Pro, Audio-Technica ATH AD700, and Icemat Siberias. I would also be willing to throw up additional $ for an upgrade. I'm mostly looking for sr125/225/325s. If possible, a USB headphone amp would be really nice too. Basically, there's a lot flexibility in the trades. I could give all of these away and throw up extra cash for a 325 or just trade all of them for a 225 etc.
Pm'ed lol...
   Hey all, I have a few IEMS and headphones that have had moderate use over the years but all still work good. I'm considerating consolidating all of them and trading up to a grado 125,225, or 325.   So I have ultimate ears super fi 5 Pro (the old ones), Audio Technica ATH-A700 , and Siberia Steelseries headphones. How much are all of these worth and if I wanted to trade with someone here for a nice pair of Grados how much additional cash would I have to throw in...
I just pulled the trigger on the 700s for $85. Yea, I'm a quick shopper lol. For this price, I'm sure I'll love them
Okay, Since I'm a very price savvy shopper I've narrowed my choice down between the Audio-Technica ATH AD700 FOR 88 ON AMAZON or the 225s. My question is if the AD700s sound as good UNAMPED as do the Grados? I looked at the 700s SPL and impedence and the numbers are identical to the Grado line. So I'm guessing this should sound good unamped too.
Okay guys: I'm not planning on getting an amp. I believe I'll stick to a high quality source instead. I plan to listen through my desktop and my iPod. On my desktop, I have an older x-fi fatal1ty edition sound card, but I believe it yields fairly good sound. I read that for the 150-250 range that Grados are one of the best headphones to go UNAMPED. This is important to me as I understand the physics and why some headphones simply need to be amped since they draw so much...
Okay, I'm a noob but I have two basic questions. I have this soundcard. Amazon.com: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series Sound Card ( 70SB046A00000 ): Electronics I don't think it has a headphone amp at all, so I was thinking about upgrading to... Amazon.com: Auzentech AZT-FORTE X-Fi Forte 7.1 Sound Card: Electronics Which does have a headphone amp. Would this be necessary? I wanted to replace my headphone (Icemat Siberia) to something in the...
Lol, I dabbed some vodka on a piece of cotton and gently brushed the ear tips. It seems to have cleaned them, but I'm hoping that is evaporates faster.
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