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Just purchased David's MisterX XP amp. Easy communication, fast shipping, everything as desrcibed and works like a charm.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramstryke owners of the nano, Zen, Cowon D2, and Fuze, whats your longest typical battery life.. honestly.. 50+ hours on my D2, but that's audio only. I voted other, IMO the D2 or Fuze are both better options than an iPod.
The 8GB Fuze was available for as little as $50 last week, so keep looking. For $80 you should be able to get a 16GB Fuze on sale. Check Amazon and Price Grabber. For about $130 you can get a Cowan D2 with a carry case and a screen protector.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Pink57 I think Sandisk/Cowon went the right direction with adding additional flash support i.e. SD and MicroSD. This allows you to buy a relatively cheap DAP 4gb or so and give it a major boost with your own removable flash (which from your link shows how cheap flash based memory at that size is vs a DAP at that size would be). So I rather just see removable memory get bigger and let the DAPs stay at lower capcity and...
I've had the X-5s for about a week, the D2 for 4-5 days, so this really is a first impressions post, rather than a comprehensive review. I'm still playing around with the gel tips for the X-5s. The large double flange works best, but isolates too well. I can't hear the phone ring when I wear them in my office and I don't feel safe wearing them outside, but they should be great when I'm flying. I'm still switching between the medium & large single flange for everyday...
You won't believe this, but not 15 minutes after I posted that I got an e-mail that I had a package in Receiving. One guess as to what was in it. It took a few tries to find the right gels. I've got the large double flange on now, but might switch to the large single flange for regular listening and save the doubles for flying. My D2 won't be delivered until Thursday or Friday, so all I have as a source right now is an old Sansa e140. Even so, the difference between...
The offer was too good to pass up, so I pulled the trigger on the X-5's just before the sale ended. I've received an order acknowledgment, but nothing on a shipping date yet.
Thanks for all the comments WRT the X-10 & X-5, it was very helpful. I'm leaning towards the X-5 now, to be driven by a Cowan D2. With the EQ capabilities of the D2 the X-5s should be a very good match. Best of all, the Klipsch sale means I'll only be spending a little more than I had originally budgeted, but getting a much better set of 'phones.
As soon as Sony adds SD expansion and FLAC support I'll consider it. Until then, it's not an option.
Has anyone tried both the X-10 and X-5? How big of a step down is it to the X-5?
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