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Hi I got the Grado RA-1 Amplifier and put some batteries in and now I need to change them. The only thing is i can't get the batteries out! They are in there pretty tight. Unless I didn't insert them in the right way? Anybody got any ideas? I appreciate all input.
Thanks! lll check thise out.
Hello, Not sure what I need.I have a pair of Sennheiser HD650's that I am looking to get an amp and DAC for. I was thinking the Schiit Magni and Modi or a Combination DAC and amp such as the Hifiman EF2A. Is it better to have a seperate DAC and Amp or combined? My budget is about $400. Basically what can I get that would really drive these well for this price? I have also considered The A1 and D1 from Maverick Audio. Are these good options?
Thank you all for your replies.
Armaegis, if i am able to get the HE 500, it comes with a Dayton Audio APA150 150W Amp. This would hopefuly be sufficient. If I cant get it then ill get the HD650's and use the rest of the money to buy a Schiit Audio Vali amp and Modi DAC or something from Maverick Audio.
I listen to many music styles: Rock, Pop (some), Classical, Electronic/Dance,  What really gets me is price here. I can get the HD650's for about $300 with some money left over to purchase a DAC/AMP or I I can get the HE 500's for about $600 which includes an amp. I am buying these phones used. Im  I have a pair of Grados (SR809s) which I really like. I hope to own the GS100 someday (when i have the cash).
Im looking to get a pair of headphones for some serious sound. Im stuck between the HE 500's and the HD 650. I like the HE 500 bacuase I hear its got a great soundstage and excellent clarity/detail. The only thing i hear is that the comfort isnt a s good. i suppose thie can be remedied through modification. HD650 seem to be great in detail. Only concern with these is dostortion if i get the sennheiser. Im leaning towards the HE500 unless you all convince me otherwise.  ...
I know, it's been a while since i posted anything here. I was busy with school/work so I haven't had much time to do much. I was considering putting in some decent sound to my computer. I have as of right now, (get ready to laugh.. ) a pair of Creative SBS20's. Being the poor sap I am, i decide to hop on craigslist to search for some deals. First, a little about my environment. it's a small room about 12x12 or so. Noise level is moderate I have fish tank running in the...
I don't think mine will be blown on anything. It will be when I think of something though. Who knows?
20 here but I dont know if thats considered young but I have spent a few hundred dollars on headphone mainly and and a usb dac that I own. I came here on my own without my parents tellg me.. I serached for better sound and now I have achieved. I am happy with my decision though. I chose to spend my money on CD's and that has made my wallet go on a diet.
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