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Just got the HDP today. Using my shure se530... still waiting for edition 8 to arrive. For reference, volume off is at around the 7 o'clock position, turning clock wise to increase the volume with max volume at around 5 o'clock position. Initial observation. Channel volume are not even at lowest volume and becomes very obviously mis-matched starting from just below the 9 o'clock position to just above the 9 o'clock position. Volume for the two channel appear to even...
hmmm... back in this thing again after selling off all my decent home gears last year
link to said thread in the french forum?
man, this kinda post again? stop reposting this type of thread... use the search function and you'll see there is like 420 threads like this in the past. what is wrong with you?
[how ya doing?]
yes, penile measurements would be more impressive on first look too...
click on the 360cities circle and explore the world!!!
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