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ultrasone edition 8, sennheiser hd800, sony mdr-r10, beyerdynamic T1
Here you go:
how long ago was this?  they didn't do conservative treatment with interval appendectomy 8-12 weeks later?
you mean laparoscopically?    or did they really pull it out of your arse?  or pie-hole?
Does she make one after cholesterol so I can get one for my chubby friend?
especially deep fried...   i'm more of a dog person...   but for some reason their cost per pound is getting higher...
yes, bring the goodness with you...   just tell me which college you're going to and where you'll be staying...   i'll keep your gears safe...
me.  just ask my co-chef...  the microwave   j/k... well not really... but i do do some real cooking if time allows.
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