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i think they should get rid of the gold dots/squares... or at least use smaller circles instead of squares.
dogs, cats,... worms... insects...
Scratch that... piano arrived damaged from shipping... returned for refund and got this instead... doesn't look as nice, but it's cheaper, and has better action  
I sold an 2nd generation ipod nano about a month ago with all original packing and accessories (plus installed invisible shielf screen protector) on eBay.  The buyer received and and have been using the nano for about 3 times a week for his/her nike plus runs for the past 4 weeks or so.  Buyer left me a positive feedback about 2 weeks ago for the transaction.   Now I just got an email 3 am in the morning from the buyer saying the nano stopped working and he or she...
to replace the item in the original post...         hell yeah!!!
I think the vast majority of residents/interns are starting soon or already started recently... just curious how your first day/week went. :D
chinese, hindi, or your hated spanish
It really depends on a person's talents and interest.  If you have the engineering mind and/or really enjoys it, it'll be a breeze (slight exaggeration of course).   But consider the up side of an engineering degree.  It opens the door to numerous rewarding and well paying jobs... and not just in the field of engineering.  You can take your engineering degree and go into the medicine, law...etc.   I'm an EE grad, now in the medical field.  And I think my...
I suppose I'll blew her and give her a sloppy full body wipe down...                                               I mean what more does a blow up doll need?
First new computer in almost 4 years!!!  
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