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Quote: Originally Posted by justin w. This special status will also be permanently laser engraved on each of the first 250 Pico Slims. Just curious. On your 1st post you mentioned the above. Is it identified by the ser# or there will be additional engraving to indicate that?
Hey Justin, I'll like to pre-order one. Below are the details: - Black enclosure - UK plug - No Micro-B cable needed - Singapore - Kindly use USPS Global Priority Flat Rate for shipping Cheers ahhian
Update till page 320 of the JH thread
Nice. How the fit. Mine's a bit lose on the left. Will need to send it back sometime but I'm going to enjoy them for awhile before shipping them back. Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight My "Transformer" JH13
Nah, Panerai does not sponsor any teams in F1. Those are customize ear plugs, to mute those ear piercing high pitch that F1 car produce when they run. Quote: Originally Posted by giovanni Is Panerai a sponsor for the Brawn GP cars ? By the way, do you know what it is that the F1 drivers use in their ears - it's certainly some kind of IEM ...
I feel that it could have been better. If you can wait till their laser engraver comes in (maybe it's already in), I'm sure all artworks will be perfect Quote: Originally Posted by jc9394 Very nice, I'm actually thinking using this too. How is the quality? Can you please get a close up?
Ha ha, yeah, that's the Brawn GP cap. Hope they buck up and win at least the constructor championship What logo is that? Hmm, I'll give you a hint. It's from my fav big watch....... Still don't know. See below pixs: Quote: Originally Posted by giovanni ahhian, is that a team Brawn (F1) hat in the background ? and what is that logo, can't...
You mean it looks blue? It's actually very light translucent purple. Maybe 10 - 15% purple. Quote: Originally Posted by Sayajin Nice pics indeed. What is this color exactly, the electric blue?
Received mine for a week. The right side is perfect but the left is a tad loose. The left seal breaks too easily. Anyway, finally got the time to take some pictures: Some of you might recognize the logo I have for my pair
Hey, don't say that. I got the idea from your thread. As mention, this is just for easy reference for people who wants to look at pictures of the 13. I visit your thread ever other day to see other custom (as well as 13) IEM too Quote: Originally Posted by boomy3555 So, I guess the rest of our Custom IEM's aren't cool enough to have to "Fish" through to see the Godly JH's
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