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just the shipping, really - a used keyboard pretty much loses a TON of value from new, but doesn't change once it's used, no matter how many owners it goes through
I did - buy used, sell used, just like headphones!  :D  
hey now, don't be a meany-head - he was simply pointing out that a topre DOES put it's activation and tactile bump in the same spot, which you claimed to enjoy, as opposed to the browns (and even moreso for the blues).  it's ok if you don't like them, but chill out!   
I'd go with the aristaeus, if you have to choose one.  The 009 is OK on it, but the HE90 is unbearably crappy on the BHSE - the Senn's flaws simply stand out too much on such a neutral amp
I've honestly never heard anyone say that :D  I'd never go back to cherries  
oops, responded to old post :D
Depends on your sound preferences, really
I DARE you to plug 120v DC into the back of one of your amplifiers, and see how well that goes ;)   
15k will only get you one top tier brazilian model for a single night  
how does it work?  from the picture, it looks like you simply put pure roobios into the portafilter?  or do you mix it with coffee?  looks like something i'd want to try out on my machine!   
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