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besides different biases, in what way could the new Senn sets not be easy to use with the Stax standard?   
wow, i dont even know how to respond to that level of audiophoolery... i guess it was bound to happen one of these days.  should only be a few months now until we see boutique 5v battery charging products :/ 
you know it!       
the best one you can get is one that works - i second the monoprice recommendation, no need to break the bank on usb
the AV guide review is the most perplexing thing - so far away from what anyone else has heard, that I wonder if they even plugged in the amps before writing their articles.   
as someone who has owned both of these amplifiers, I can tell you that this statement is 100% false  
just the shipping, really - a used keyboard pretty much loses a TON of value from new, but doesn't change once it's used, no matter how many owners it goes through
I did - buy used, sell used, just like headphones!  :D  
hey now, don't be a meany-head - he was simply pointing out that a topre DOES put it's activation and tactile bump in the same spot, which you claimed to enjoy, as opposed to the browns (and even moreso for the blues).  it's ok if you don't like them, but chill out!   
I'd go with the aristaeus, if you have to choose one.  The 009 is OK on it, but the HE90 is unbearably crappy on the BHSE - the Senn's flaws simply stand out too much on such a neutral amp
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