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merged up into the high end section?  why? 
Looks to be a giant absorber, with diffusers all around
You may get your wish sooner than you think - New Belgian has a new goal of becoming the nation's largest sour producer, and it wouldnt surprise me if others follow in their footsteps :) 
i imagined so - especially since Kerry made them for us around the same time as the kgsshv boards runs  
"always"?  nope!   
pineapple is delicious, fools
you ENJOY pure robusta!?   
sounds like the OP already made his decision when he first posted, and is just looking for validation :P      the fact of the matter is that Matlab works on all major operating systems, and there are hundreds of C++ compilers available for every OS - these are the only tools I imagine youll be using in your studies to be a quant.    you've already decided that you like the Mac screen, and your choices of quotes you are responding to are cherry picked to make...
so THAT'S why people spend money to stew their cables in eye of newt and toe of frog...  
id push for an sm57 and an xconnect.  condensers in the price range (especially those that include the a/d converter) are really going to disappoint your friend
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