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i'd argue that it would be a waste of money to take the most revealing can/amp system, and then buy a flawed DAC in order to "mellow" it - seems to defeat both the purpose of the highly detailed system, as well as the entire point of striving for higher fidelity  
The most popular DAC for the combo is the one that has the features you need (inputs, volume, xlr, etc.), is reliable, and has an adequate (aka non-faulty) output stage, preferably with good quality oversampling.    There are hundreds of DACs that fit this description, go pick one :D 
I'm afraid you just Blue Hawaii'd yourself  
The embedding seems to work now   had to turn it off as soon as he made the comment berating "objectivists," though... i hate strawman arguments, and to suggest that those who understand the value of measurements are too stupid to understand why stereo positioning works is just dumb.      if someone can manage to make it through the schlock, and write up a cliffs-notes of what this guy has to say, I'd be happy to read an outline of his real points, without...
Looking for a DAC with XLR-outs (nuforce is out), independent volume controls for the pre- and headphone-outs.  Something along the lines, maybe, of the Asus Xonar One, but not as giant... and cheaper than the Zodiac offerings.    USB is neither here nor there, I'd be using spdif.        Anyone have some suggestions? 
8/10 condition bookshelves, real rosewood veneer.    Great for a small rig, cheaper system, second room, or a first step into the world of speakers.      Paypal, CONUS         pics coming
link seems to be broken - can you edit/update?  sounds interesting
you'll hear more detail in headphones than speakers in general, unless you have a very diligently built and well-designed listening room.  to that end, amp and source differences will be MORE apparent in a headphone system   and as always, cables won't change anything unless theyre broken ;)   
i KNOW that having single-ended magnetic drive, and a heavier transducer than a stat, these will have higher distortion.  no fanboyism involved   my fanboyism kicks in with, "damn, those things are hideous - and i'm not even afraid of wearing lambdas in public"  
aww... i miss you guys <3
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