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link seems to be broken - can you edit/update?  sounds interesting
you'll hear more detail in headphones than speakers in general, unless you have a very diligently built and well-designed listening room.  to that end, amp and source differences will be MORE apparent in a headphone system   and as always, cables won't change anything unless theyre broken ;)   
i KNOW that having single-ended magnetic drive, and a heavier transducer than a stat, these will have higher distortion.  no fanboyism involved   my fanboyism kicks in with, "damn, those things are hideous - and i'm not even afraid of wearing lambdas in public"  
aww... i miss you guys <3
merged up into the high end section?  why? 
Looks to be a giant absorber, with diffusers all around
You may get your wish sooner than you think - New Belgian has a new goal of becoming the nation's largest sour producer, and it wouldnt surprise me if others follow in their footsteps :) 
i imagined so - especially since Kerry made them for us around the same time as the kgsshv boards runs  
"always"?  nope!   
pineapple is delicious, fools
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