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they sound COMPLETELY different!  while I would suggest the HD800 110%, you may want to find your way to a meet to hear for yourself
A "good phone" can still respond very well to EQ.  Something with low distortion, great speed, and amazing comfort may still not have the frequency response you'd like... nothing wrong with tweaking it to suit your tastes
next step, control them from your android ;)   
Oh, I do retract it - sounds like the build quality is top notch!  Of course, I expect nothing less from Cavalli, they always get praise for build quality.  Guess despite all that hard work, it looks like an oem case to me - seems it's simply not to my taste :D 
name calling isnt very nice... in any case, if you are paying for the knobs to be "custom machined," i think they may be taking you for a ride.  it looks exactly like an Alcoswitch  
edit:  the amp chassis is clearly a great piece of work - ignore the previous statement :)      ...i still think it's ugly though :P 
i'd argue that it would be a waste of money to take the most revealing can/amp system, and then buy a flawed DAC in order to "mellow" it - seems to defeat both the purpose of the highly detailed system, as well as the entire point of striving for higher fidelity  
The most popular DAC for the combo is the one that has the features you need (inputs, volume, xlr, etc.), is reliable, and has an adequate (aka non-faulty) output stage, preferably with good quality oversampling.    There are hundreds of DACs that fit this description, go pick one :D 
I'm afraid you just Blue Hawaii'd yourself  
The embedding seems to work now   had to turn it off as soon as he made the comment berating "objectivists," though... i hate strawman arguments, and to suggest that those who understand the value of measurements are too stupid to understand why stereo positioning works is just dumb.      if someone can manage to make it through the schlock, and write up a cliffs-notes of what this guy has to say, I'd be happy to read an outline of his real points, without...
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