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nothing a fully regulated power supply, such as the one in the BHSE, can't change into pure DC  
youll never be happy until you get a garmin ;)   
Assuming the correct bias, triodes are more linear than just about any transistor useful for audio amplification.  With a properly designed push-pull, feedback, etc., you can easily have a transparently neutral tube amplifier  
I was under the impression that the Alphas were identical to the Gammas, except for the pads - so what you have are a pair of Excellents, perhaps with the wrong logo printed on them :P    Whatever you do, do not let anyone butcher those poor cans.  The Alpha/Gammas are wonderful headphones, and Spritzer is definitely going to hell for his role in encouraging so many people to cannibalize them for their drivers  
you'll probably get a lot more responses in the Members' Lounge - this isn't really the forum for this type of survey :) 
We avoid it by not buying cables with clear coatings :P 
havent changed my rigs (speakers or headphones) in 9 months, and don't see myself doing so in the foreseeable future.  I'm just so happy with it!    still gets daily use, but have not felt any need to change it up :)      Quad ESL 2805's, SR-009 are all a man needs to complement a dram of Balvenie
I'll never understand why everyone and their cat is using the 5D for video - the quality is amazing until there is motion... the tearing is just awful
the analogy still works - youre referring to broken cups, and broken cables also affect sonics negatively.  no one disputes this.   
will be checking out the Rudy's!  nice to see theyre adjustable, and you seem to get me w/r/t OP's :)   
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