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the analogy still works - youre referring to broken cups, and broken cables also affect sonics negatively.  no one disputes this.   
will be checking out the Rudy's!  nice to see theyre adjustable, and you seem to get me w/r/t OP's :)   
someone ripped off Todd - theres a thread here called "let's catch a thief."  long story short, they were caught :)   
Usually, we ask so we can verify existence for a purchase.    Occasionally, there are design changes in a line, and a certain set of serial numbers will sound different than others, so people will want to know which group a particular pair belongs to
Anyone have any recommendations for some cycling frames that can handle a prescription?  I clearly can't wear my usual Oliver Peoples on a 3 hour tour... and my eyes have been so dry lately, i cant wear my contacts :( 
since i listen to music in such a furnace, i clearly need to upgrade my cable  
they sound COMPLETELY different!  while I would suggest the HD800 110%, you may want to find your way to a meet to hear for yourself
A "good phone" can still respond very well to EQ.  Something with low distortion, great speed, and amazing comfort may still not have the frequency response you'd like... nothing wrong with tweaking it to suit your tastes
next step, control them from your android ;)   
Oh, I do retract it - sounds like the build quality is top notch!  Of course, I expect nothing less from Cavalli, they always get praise for build quality.  Guess despite all that hard work, it looks like an oem case to me - seems it's simply not to my taste :D 
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