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I'd still love to know how he did it - the highest bitrate that Larry was able to rip from such a setup was 176k  
that's great to hear!  i was thinking of getting a Tri bike next year, glad to hear that CF isn't as fragile as some people claim!!!   
nothing a fully regulated power supply, such as the one in the BHSE, can't change into pure DC  
youll never be happy until you get a garmin ;)   
Assuming the correct bias, triodes are more linear than just about any transistor useful for audio amplification.  With a properly designed push-pull, feedback, etc., you can easily have a transparently neutral tube amplifier  
I was under the impression that the Alphas were identical to the Gammas, except for the pads - so what you have are a pair of Excellents, perhaps with the wrong logo printed on them :P    Whatever you do, do not let anyone butcher those poor cans.  The Alpha/Gammas are wonderful headphones, and Spritzer is definitely going to hell for his role in encouraging so many people to cannibalize them for their drivers  
you'll probably get a lot more responses in the Members' Lounge - this isn't really the forum for this type of survey :) 
We avoid it by not buying cables with clear coatings :P 
havent changed my rigs (speakers or headphones) in 9 months, and don't see myself doing so in the foreseeable future.  I'm just so happy with it!    still gets daily use, but have not felt any need to change it up :)      Quad ESL 2805's, SR-009 are all a man needs to complement a dram of Balvenie
I'll never understand why everyone and their cat is using the 5D for video - the quality is amazing until there is motion... the tearing is just awful
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