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youll need two optical cables for a proper differential signal - some pro audio cards will give you this option.  without it, youre only getting an SE signal in the digital domain, and won't get the full audio benefits.        ...just kidding, what you suggest is indeed fully balanced. 
That's because Whiplash is a snake-oil cable company that have 2000% markups.  If you really need an adapter, you can easily build one yourself, or buy one for $15.    The odds of a different DAC fixing this problem, in and of itself, is minimal.  Yours is one of the very few cases in which going truly balanced WILL probably stop the noise, since this kind of chatter is usually picked up by single ended cables like an antenna.  To do so, you will need a balanced DAC,...
you might want to get some pedals on there ;) 
Blue Jeans Cables will make you something custom, are practical, and very reasonably priced.  Made in the USA
specialized allez is a great entry road bike, if you want to go new
Busy these days, just playing the occasional HotS, and any indy bundles I stumble across :)    I plan on trying to become the boshy this coming fall, when I have a bit more time on my hands!   
FYI Topres are fantastic for gaming ;) 
direct answer to the final question:    because topology makes all the difference.  just because there is a tube in there, does not impart some kind of magical "tube sound" that any tube presence will give you. 
this really depends on just how drastic of an effect you have in mind.  higher quality stereo headphones will pull out an impressive soundstage, far more than youd expect having only experienced lesser cans.    crossfeed circuits are more than just mixing the L and R channels a bit - they actually do so to different degrees depending on frequency (less at high frequencies, more at low), just like speakers naturally do.  the super fancy crossfeed circuits (such as in the...
I applaud Dave for his self-awareness!  Indeed, fancy cables and fancy power conditioners can look very pretty - and if this is the effect you get from them, and you know and acknowledge it, then you have every right to show it off as part of your system :)  So long as you aren't spreading lies that end up tricking others into wasting thousands of dollars, all the power to you! 
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