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You are correct.  I honestly laugh every time I see people say "wow, such high impedance, you really need a super powerful amp!" - i stopped trying to educate people, because no matter how many times you try explaining it, the pop-rumor will always prevail.  Speaker guys understand this, though.  They know that their 2ohm speakers need the worlds beefiest amps compared to standard 8ohm models
Fun!  I made a headphone amp out of a Charlize a few years ago, it worked fantastically... don't recall the resistors i wired in parallel to the output, but using a transformer might be quite a bit of fun too! 
You had to know what you were getting into with the layout when you bought it :P 
 Blue is the color all the COOL KIDS get ;)  It's actually quite lovely, a rather bright yet deep blue.  Certainly nothing youre used to in audiophile gear, but it will make you smile :) 
 Realforce 55g user here - love this thing with a passion!  I really wish you hadnt mentioned that there were dyesub keys for it though... now I'm going to have to spend more money this month! 
That's a HUGE amount of money to just plop down without listening to any of it :/  Sounds more like youre seeking validation for your expenditure, more than anything else.    That being said, the WES sounds pretty good with the 009s, at lot better than it does with the 007s.      All in all:  Nice transparent DAC, best headphones ever, rather weak and overpriced amp (and I would know, I owned serial #1), and $2k pieces of $20 wire.  Don't really know what else you...
 huh?  of course the LCD-2 is considered summit-fi
I'd stick with the LCD-2 until youre ready to go into stats
If you REALLY want a comment...    There is a damned good chance that your mind cannot accept the idea of sand sounding as good as tubes.  The glow excites you and, after many years, you have developed a bias that only their "tube warmth" can give you sonic bliss.  What you do not realize is that the "tube warmth" is not an intrinsic quality of the tubes, but rather of the circuit topologies used.  For instance the BHSE's use of tubes should actually give more of a "solid...
Foam inserts generally attenuate far better than acryllic.  I know sticking 3M foamies in my ears makes the world a heck of a lot more quiet than using my JH13's.      That being said... if the sounds of the world, in and of themselves, are driving you nuts, have you considered some kind of medical advice? 
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