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With box, paperwork, even the plastic bag - probably put 2 hours on them, but let's be liberal and say I used them for 5.     Perfect condition, will post photos tonight.     CONUS preferred, can do International only if you want to pay for full insurance and a shipping method that includes tracking (can be expensive)
All of retail is hurting, not just hi-fi audio.  It's the magic of googling a product and having prices from 20 vendors pop up, with tax and shipping line items pre-separated.  
Got mine from Moon ($450), arrived last night - wireless.  Paired to my work laptop and phone.  Not yet tried wired (but why would I?)     Incredible noise canceling!!  Sound is extremely similar to the old momentum, a bit more mid-bass hump a la hd650, but still a nice crisp clear high end.  Sounds perfect with rock, hip hop, edm, and talk radio / podcasts.  Nice and acceptable for acoustic pieces, but it sure isn't a t5p or sr-507 ;)     Super light weight, very...
This should be fun :D  Especially given the stupid pricing of some microphones which are clearly technically inferior (hello u87)   Anyways, I'm wagering B > C > A, in terms of technicals   "A" sounded relatively dead, something just wasnt all there in terms of presence (sorry, I'm no good at the descriptive lingo) "C" had some kind of slight bloat to it, though it was definitely more enjoyable and sounded crisper than "A"     Honestly I enjoyed the sound of C more...
 Sounds like you just need to up the super high frequencies in your EQ as well ;)  Try 2db or so in the 14-18k range
 Both Alden and AE are generally of equal quality construction (that is to say, excellent).  It really comes down to if you want a more true English style, then Alden fits the bill more closely.  Since you asked about the Park Avenue, however, I assume you're going for a cap-toe oxford (great choice for business formal!).  In that case, don't choose based on brand - instead, go to the store and see which fits your foot better, and which has the better leather in your...
 Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to echo-locate a vole in the pitch black of night, when limited to 22khz? 
I just sold my SA-11s1 a few months ago - you're in for a huge treat :D 
I can't find it, but a few years ago I calculated out the amount of power it would take for the HE-6's to cause hearing damage within 30 seconds of listening (based on OSHA tables), and it was FAR less than these "zomg it needs a speaker amp!" guys suggest.    I don't have the time to do the calc right now but, iirc, even 1 watt of power is beyond sufficient to handle even the sharpest, loudest recorded transient without a hint of clipping, at a base listening spl far in...
 Would depend on what you want to use it for.  In all honesty though, you'd probably have a lot better luck with your bike shop outfitting a good MTB with a separate motor/battery known for reliability and power, rather than paying the absurd amounts these companies want for the pre-assembled package
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