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I can't find it, but a few years ago I calculated out the amount of power it would take for the HE-6's to cause hearing damage within 30 seconds of listening (based on OSHA tables), and it was FAR less than these "zomg it needs a speaker amp!" guys suggest.    I don't have the time to do the calc right now but, iirc, even 1 watt of power is beyond sufficient to handle even the sharpest, loudest recorded transient without a hint of clipping, at a base listening spl far in...
 Would depend on what you want to use it for.  In all honesty though, you'd probably have a lot better luck with your bike shop outfitting a good MTB with a separate motor/battery known for reliability and power, rather than paying the absurd amounts these companies want for the pre-assembled package
They won't obtain ****, no one obtains anything when trying to sue these Chinese counterfeiters.  And Beats does not expect to see a penny.  The sole purpose behind this lawsuit is to serve as a yet another marketing angle for the Beats headphones, drilling into the heads of consumers that 1) You must buy the real item to be truly cool, and 2) Look, we're so popular that even the knockoffs have sold $100 billion!!!    Why else do you think the press release about a...
ugh... decided to make a login since I was tired after reaching half way through silver, and wanted to continue tomorrow...    of course, it starts you at the beginning!!!  I don't know how much more Claude Pelouse I can handle
BHSE w/ RK50 attenuator, blue, wired for North American voltage.  Perfect condition, all original accessories and packaging.    Just bought a condo, wife wants hardwood floors installed... so this will have to help pay for it.  And really, ever since getting Quad ESL speakers, I've turned the thing on maybe 10 times over the past year.    CONUS strongly preferred simply due to the size of the box.  Paypal or wire. 
Mint condition, purchased from Elusive Disc, authorized USA seller.  All original packaging, manual, etc. included.  Priced for a quick sale.  Pics to be uploaded tonight once I'm home from work.    Just bought a condo, wife wants new hardwood floors... and ever since getting Quad ESL speakers, these have never left the box.      Paypal or bank transfer accepted. 
 that's not how sampling works... /facepalm
 The cartridges cannot usually be refilled, since they are simply pierced on the top, and do not have a valve (such as a scuba tank would).  However they are usually made of steel, and can thus be recycled easily!  And remember, the CO2 in them is simply extracted from the air, not generated through any kind of chemical reaction - so you are essentially taking it out of the air, and then putting it back into the air, for a net CO2 emission of zero. Now granted, a minute...
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