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I am selling a pair of Etymotic Research ER-4P in-ear monitors (IEMs). I am including the ER4P-24 cable that converts the ER-4P to the ER-4S (MSRP $65) as well as the following: -Hard carrying case -Adapter for use with 1/4-inch jacks -2 replacement filters -Filter changing tool -Soft carrying case -10 brand new gray 3-flange rubber eartips (model ER4-18) -6 foam eartips (I'm think these are still unused since they seem pretty firm and lack the coloration found in...
Another price drop!
Price drop and pictures added!
I am selling a PPA which was purchased from another Head-Fi member in March 2004. For the most part, it has been playing second fiddle to my PPX3, as I seem to prefer tube amps in general. The dimensions are approximately 18cm x 11cm x 6cm (7in x 4.3in x 2.4in) It contains 3 switches on the front: Bass Boost On/Off, Crossfeed On/Off, Crossfeed High/Low. The LED on the front panel lights up in an orange/red color when the amp is on. Here are 2 photos of the body of the...
I also prefer that stuff inside the body to the actual meat...I've heard it contains high levels of cholesterol, though
Quote: Originally Posted by goldenratiophi http://www.pinkfloyd.com/x/news.html?nid=5 Let's all cross our fingers for SACD! Now we just need that 30th Anniversary Wish You Were Here to see the light of day... I thought 30th Anniversary WYWH was supposed to come out in 2006 as a SACD...I was waiting all year for it, and it never came out!
This cable was purchased in February 2005 from another Head-Fi'er (I'm not the original owner), and thus will not need to be burned in (we have done that for you at no extra cost!). There are a few small scratches on the right aluminum plug, the "Zu Mobius" lettering on the Y-connector is a bit smudged, and the outer layer of the Y-connector is slightly puffed out on one side. In addition, the techflex balloons out slightly at some locations. As with other Zu Mobius...
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