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thanks man. the first thing I did.
First of all welcome to Headfi. You will learn much about this hobby here.   There are two sides to every story. I have sat back reading his accusatory comments in several post. I have avoided posting my defense in the hopes this would end but obviously it isn't. What he is not telling you is, and I quote his email: I can happily pay $220, I only ask you place a fake receipt in the shipping box for $60. Everything went bad when I asked him why. He became extremely...
Hifiman HE-560 Headphones..brand new!   These were just purchased by me from an authorized dealer brand new. They will come with the wood box, instruction/owners manual and warranty card as shown. They were used for approx. one hour and have not been burned in as suggested by Hifiman. The protective plastic is still on the top of the wood box.   Everything is in NEW condition inside and out.   I purchased these to use at work but the sound leaks more then I thought...
PM sent
PM sent yesterday
Grado 225e Custom Rosewood I am selling my three week old Grado 225e with full rosewood cups (not inserts) and matching custom solid wood rod holders. In addition (because I threw out the original box) I am including a new protective case, a gold plated ¼ adaptor and a brown protective velvet carrying bag. Please see my detailed photos. The rosewood is beautiful and the craftsmanship is exceptional. All work was done professionally. In perfect condition inside and out....
Up for sale is my 3 month old Oppo PM-1 in NEW/MINT condition inside and out. The original outer box, the gorgeous rosewood display box and all accessories are also in MINT/NEW condition. Constructed of aluminum and  glove soft leather. They have a total of 100 burned in hours and sound amazing as only a planar magnetic headphone can sound. The outstanding reviews speak for themselves. The PM-1 rarely shows up for sale here.   I am selling these to move on to a new...
Why did you replace both drivers and cable.
PM sent yesterday
I have tried to order these and never get a reply. Given up. I hope someone here has one they are willing to sell.
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