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Selling my just purchased Beyerdynamic T51i in NEW condition. Everything included that came with them. Please see photo's for details.The Beyerdynamic T51i is iPhone ready with mic/selection cable. Read the reviews I included and see why the Beyerdynamic T51 with Telsa drivers is considered one of the best audiophile portable headphones available.   I have included a link to two excellent reviews of the T51i. They have approximately 1hr of use since purchased. It is...
I am selling my GradoPS500. These were just purchased and are in AS NEW/MINT condition. Unbelievable sound and detail. Will be commuting and using my iem's 90% of the time on the subway. Someone who has more inside time should enjoy these. Price includes shipping and PayPal fee. I doubt if you will ever find a cheaper selling price anywhere. I am also including a new "G" cushion and a "L" cushion. CONUS ONLY.
I just purchased these and now I am just selling these. Unfortunately my "noggin" is to big to wear here they are at a great savings. I can't return them or I would. With world famous Beyerdynamic Telsa technology they sound amazing. If you are looking for a portable audiophile headphone try these you won't be disappointed. They now retail for $300.00 plus shipping cost. Here is your chance to save a lot of money. Shipping is included. PayPal fee's will cost you...
I am the original owner. Purchased by me through Ibasso. 3 months new in MINT condition inside and out. Has worked perfectly from the beginning. Absolutely no issues. On latest firmware. Will also include the Dignis leather case as shown. Includes original box, papers, silicone case that came with it. With shipping and PayPal fee total due is: $325.00. CONUS only. PayPal only.
Just saw one for sale on Audiogon for your asking price.Good luck.
Hey I have decided to sell them. Need the cash now. Thanks
Grado PS500 headphones.   The baby brother of the Grado PS1000. Unlike all the other Grado headphones this has the professional sound of the famous PS1000. It is a detail monster with a deep solid bass and no harsh treble. Great holiday gift in NEW/MINT condition inside and out. I will include a 1/4" to Mini Grado adapter. Please see my 100% rating and rest assured you will be getting exactly what is described. I also ship fast. CONUS and PayPal only.Shipping and PayPal...
Are you selling these on eBay. It looks like the same pair.
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