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Any possibility you would sell you v4 drivers. I would like to make you an offer.
Still for sale
As the title states..aluminum gimbals, rodblocks and v4, v5, or v6 drivers for grado build. Name your price.
Here's my Blackwood you can see the color and grain in detail. GLWS.
In the photos these look like they were painted with tar. Did Zach and Vibro stain them that way or was this done by someone else after purchase.
Who knows?
Looks like Audiogon is now your best bet. Give it another year or two ..you never know. GL
GLWS. I can recommend this forum member. Purchasing an Omni from this member. So far perfect!
ZMF Vibro II Latest Model. Exceptional Mahogany grain and color.   Included are the original box, Lambskin leather ear cups, Lambskin headband, tuning bass pegs, balanced cable, cable adapter. Most of   these were made out of cherry, this one is made out of Mahogany and produces and exceptional sound, especially with acoustic instruments in the recording. Purchased new in May,2016.   NEW condition inside and out. Less then 25 total hours. Here is your chance to save a...
PM sent
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