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Thanks for the interest Mshenay and Jon-LF! I hope you do too, these headphones are truly a treat.
iceye2072 - Congrats on the purchase!   daigo - Thanks for the kind words.
SOLD   About: I'm doing a bit of early spring cleaning. I've owned and loved these headphones for a few years now. I bought these as a back up (back when I was absolutely insane/obsessed with high-end audio) in case my other pair broke. Which shows you just how much I love the L3000s. I've held on to these as long as I could, but now I have to make space for my new obsession: photography/cinematography. I hope these find a great home.   Headphone Highlights:...
Selling my Zana Deux SE. I am the first and only owner and have taken great care of the amp. I've probably logged about 60-70 hours.   Asking Price: SOLD   Included: the original tubes + a mullard ecc35 + heavy duty wooden shipping case   To save a lot of headache with insurance/Euro VAT, I am only shipping within the continental US.
Yes it did. It's sold & shipped.
I'm selling my silver Pico Slim Serial # 232 with leather case, USB Cable (to charge/connect to computer), and original manual/warranty. Like I said in my other FS post, I'm liquidating most of my audio gear to make way for photography equipment.   Condition: Near Mint. Barely used since purchase. Conservatively 15-20 hours burn-in.   Asking Price: SOLD   ALO iMod LOD SXC 18awg is optional. If you want it included, please add $100 (retails for $195) to the...
Selling my HD800 Serial #544 with (I think a 7.5') Futura SE Jena Cable. Also comes with original SE cabling, box, and manual. I am the first and only owner. I'm trying to liquidate my audio gear to make way for more photography equipment.   Condition: There are two small marks on the edges as shown in the photographs. Otherwise the headphones are in near mint condition. White specks in the photos are dust.   Asking Price: SOLD   CON US only please, shipping...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xan7hos Has anyone tried their KICAS/Caliente with a Sigma 11? Or is that just overkill? I remember Oriel addressing this during last year's run of Calientes and I'm paraphrasing here of course, but he concluded that it was indeed overkill. There's little to no advantage in that pairing.
Add me to the list. Color: silver Country: USA One Micro-USB cable
HeadphoneAddict has a good review on it:
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