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Absolutely I have similar impression,  I like the original monk more especially with classic music. Monk plus is very good, original monk is a pearl.
A fake for a 5$ earbud? Is it possible?
Yes both monk are good... but I think the monk + after a little is a bit fatiguing . The original monk has a magic midrange, my ears prefer it for long listening session and expecially with classic.
How to contact the seller Tom?
Damn the language is a problem to me, do you want to buy for me 4?I send you the zen v2, what is the euro prices for one monk v1 in the site?
No, Italy.
I like the monk v1 a lot, if anyone want my zen 2 , I will change it for 4 monk v1. Have a good day.
Pardon I replied to an old post for error.
Also my ear is broken, I don't like the tomahawk :-)
Who is for monk ? Who is for monk plus? I vote monk
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