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Thx Albartels, I just ordered a Padis, but I'm a bit doubtful that it can make a difference :-) Anyway I will try :-) Inviato dal mio LG-D855 utilizzando Tapatalk
Where is the fuse in gustard u12? I don't see in the internal photos.....Inviato dal mio LG-D855 utilizzando Tapatalk
Albartels have you a link for the fuse? What value for it? My gustard u12 is on the way. Inviato dal mio LG-D855 utilizzando Tapatalk
It is for 120v?
Tread closed
Shipping included, purchased 3 month ago
The dsd support is only for dsd 64???If so .... it is not on my list of future DAC.
I am really curious to hear the new ifi micro, it seems to promise a lot about sound quality. I have many doubts about the choice of the PCM1793 DAC chip that I know well, I think it's not a right choice, I hope to change my mind, but it has its limits and not only to the measures. All that I have heard with this dac chip had limitations, in particular on the performance of the full orchestra, it is not suitable for nuances of classical music, including the dynamics leaves...
I have the akm 4399 and like more the xmos usb input, but I tested only optical input with a samsung cheap blueray player.Now I ordered the newest version with akm 4399 ak4118 dual r-core.Yes, I like the sound of weiliang akm 4399 dac + ada4627 so natural and detailed, my best bargain in hifi
I sell my asus one upgraded with 4 muses 01 and 2 lme 49990 in IV stage. Shipping included. Ask me for internal photo only if really interested. Only Europe. Closed tread.
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