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I have the akm 4399 and like more the xmos usb input, but I tested only optical input with a samsung cheap blueray player.Now I ordered the newest version with akm 4399 ak4118 dual r-core.Yes, I like the sound of weiliang akm 4399 dac + ada4627 so natural and detailed, my best bargain in hifi
I sell my asus one upgraded with 4 muses 01 and 2 lme 49990 in IV stage. Shipping included. Ask me for internal photo only if really interested. Only Europe. Closed tread.
Probably it is a feeling, but in this uapp latest release high seem too little present. Still listen tomorrow, maybe it 's just an erroneus feeling
Thanks for him ... ok but this is very annoying.This license control is no good.I like program very much, but I paid for it and I don t like to remove my google accounts or if I don t have an internet connection at moment.... I have to stop to use the program
I have a note 3 and a galaxy s3. Both perform extremly well with my two dac, an asus muses and a chinese custom board with xmos usb. In my home I have also 2 pc, a portable sony and a nuc intel with dedicated linear power supply, but the quality is not the same as my android source + UAPP PLAYER. I use for my nuc jriver or Pupmpd, I like the sound of Pupmpd, but the android source are more enjoable and have the best sound. Anyone have similar experience? Why android sound...
I would like to ask if I am the only one to have occasional smarthphone reboot when I use uApp. I use note3 rooted. Have anyone this problem?
UApp sucks the battery so devastating :-(
I have the snapdragon 9005, I personally like it, but not everyone seems like it.ciao
I use note 3 and an xmos dac, uapp work well exept I had occasionaly casual reboot of my phone and sometime it crash and stop to work. Anyway uapp remain well usable. Other issue at phone start I had request to use uapp as default for usb ....
jI agree, but I like the possibility to disable it.I am happy and dragonfly users are happy.That's all.
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