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I like the adapter on the Monk v1, on the v2 I prefer don't utilize it, this in my set up and for my taste.
Anyway I'm stunning how good is the Monk v1 expecially with 75 ohm adapter. I tried the 75 ohm adapter with other eardbud but the result is not the same, only with monk I like the adapter.
I like the zen 2 without foam or I like it as well with monk silicon foam.
I am in the little group that seems to prefer the v1. Anyway similar quality between the 2 monks.
I only paid 8 euro, not silver.
I no need a week to decide that monk v1 with 75 ohm adapter is more refined and easy to listen to. Yes I like this "upgrade" and no need more time to understand it, it's not suggestion imho. Expecially the low frequency are more layered and clear.
Yes, exactly my sensation, but I want to be prudent.
Robervaul, possible it is only suggestion of the moment, I need more time to establish.
Pardon I'm referring 75 ohm adapter, not cable.
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