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Who is for monk ? Who is for monk plus? I vote monk
Thanks ,lee monk is simply amazing for the price, just my opinion after 30 year of hifi. Inviato dal mio HUAWEI M2-801W utilizzando Tapatalk
Patabu@ Anyway if you have the silicon black and white foams use its. I think the normal red and blue foam not the best for monk plus
As Bach lovers I agree, the plus is good but I like more the original.I think classic music people lovers prefer the original, but it is naturally only my opinion.
Only one month of life, perfect conditions. 
Buy an iem :-)
Wrong post
Buy an iem :-)
An eardbud that I don't like at all is tomahawk mrz, but this probably my problem and never expressed any universal bad opinion about it.
I had the opposite problem :-) I love so much the original monk that in my opinion it is more fun than my zen 2 for daily listening,. Yes the zen 2 are more resolving, the Cignus are so sweet and plenty of microdetail but for some reason I like to listening my music with the Monk. Anyone have proper crazy things :-)
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