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NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     Today, Campfire Audio is announcing three new in-ear monitors to their lineup: The Vega, Dorado, and Lyra II. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we focus on the Vega universal-fit in-ear monitor -- Campfire Audio's new flagship piece.     Products mentioned in the video:   Campfire Audio Vega universal-fit in-ear monitor Campfire Audio Dorado universal-fit in-ear...
As I understand it, for these two new Walkman models, Sony is using proprietary DACs from Sony's semiconductor operations.   I'll be at the Tokyo Headphone Festival later this week and will confirm it there. (I'm pretty sure that's correct, though.)
 Once again, we're looking into all posts that were made that may have led up to this. This only came to our attention today, and we're dealing with it as best we can in between shooting two videos today.  Again, even now, I have no idea (in the context of this discussion) who all the member of the trade parties are, how they were/weren't related, etc. We're trying to sort through this now.
Also, in the context of what's been going on today, I have no idea who has done business with whom now or in the past. I'm not the least bit familiar with who Voxative is, what their products are, and/or any relationship they did/didn't have with totaldac or anyone else. Again, we're trying to get this sorted, but we're not going to allow members of the trade to go after one another on our forums. Never have, never will.
 Vincent can respond. And other posts he mentioned to us via PM are being reviewed, and may also be deleted. In our rules/terms of use, we specifically do NOT allow members of the trade to go after one another (their companies, products, services, etc.). A sponsor can't criticize a non-sponsor or sponsor. A non-sponsor can't criticize a non-sponsor or sponsor. We do not want to see any of that kind of activity here, whether directly, or by proxy (through others). What we...
Finally, TIDAL Is Here! As many of you with AK70's and AK300-series players are figuring out, the OTA update for your Astell&Kern players is available today that finally enable TIDAL on your players! Here's a quick video we shot last week showing the TIDAL user interface in an AK300:  TIDAL support will be added first to the AK70 and AK300 Series players this week and will roll out to the AK240, AK100 II and AK120 II Wi-Fi enabled players soon after. Tidal isn't the only...
I'm so sorry I neglected to post this list until now. It has been more busy than usual due to a lot of unique challenges associated with doing a show like this in a tent pavilion.   Here are the SHaG prizes for CanJam@RMAF 2016!   NOTE: Each line includes company name, product, and retail price of the prize (if price was provided).   Darin Fong Audio    Out Of Your Head license and all 27 speaker preset licenses    $800.00 oBravo    eamt-1c in-ear monitor  ...
We forgot to flash the price for Michelle on the video. MSRP for Michelle in the U.S. is $499.00.
 @cuiter23, offline support is not currently supported, and have no idea if it's on the roadmap or not. I'm usually around wi-fi. When I have used it while out, I have it tethered to my iPhone.
Here's a quick preview of how TIDAL looks in an Astell&Kern AK300.   This is beta firmware, so it may change by the time you get it.  
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