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Astell&Kern AK300   Today, Astell&Kern is announcing the release of a new digital audio player called the AK300. The AK300 will be the entry level 300-series player, and will be priced at $899.   Upon first glance, the AK300 looks identical to the Astell&Kern AK320, only in black. Like the AK320 and AK380, the AK300 uses the AKM AK4490 DAC, but in a single-DAC configuration (versus dual for the AK320 and AK380). The AK300's internal storage is 64GB, with a single...
Here's a copy of my private message sent to @Leftbehind: 
I'm on the way. Sorry I'm running a little late.
 I agree. My wife will be participating as much as opportunity allows, and I'll take her down to Vanderbilt as often as they're interested in seeing her.
I wasn't the mod who deleted your post (quoted below), but I do agree with its deletion: At least your other post (quoted below) reads less like a trolling post:  At least you provide some discussion now that 64 Audio or Asius Technologies may respond to. That lady in the video is not an actress. My wife is 100% deaf in her left ear, and had a nearly identical response. My 11-year-old son was with us, and hadn't seen the above video until after my wife tried it. He said of...
Patents or not, as I've bolded below, he copied his design (value-for-value, including the crossfeed, save for the opamp)--something he's admitted--and sold it as his own product. That was the crux of the issue. For me, this isn't about patents. How many of the amp designers here patent their circuits? If someone copies an amp by Schiit or Cavalli or ALO or HeadAmp--value-for-value--then sells it as his own product, is that okay? Patents or not, I think most in this...
 I know it's a typo, but I really needed that laugh today, @batmanwcm 
I'll post more impressions later, but I wanted to post what was my favorite moment at any CanJam so far.   My wife is deaf in one ear. Many years ago, she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, which is a relatively rare, benign tumor on the acoustic nerve. It had been radiated, but grew after a few years, and eventually had to be surgically removed. Unfortunately, the surgery required the sacrifice of her left acoustic nerve (vestibulocochlear nerve), leaving her 100%...
Tactile--REALLY tactile--Jurassic Park demo at Taction Technology exhibit. Look for banner that says KANNON. Very cool.
Listening to Airist Audio discrete R2R DAC (along with their amp). For the price, this system surprised me in a very good way.
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