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 I've been in Denmark the past week for the AES Headphone Technology conference (which was awesome, by the way), so I'll have to check when I get home. Perhaps someone from Schiit can chime in sooner.
 @kurochin, that's with the built-in DAC. By the way, here's the gain breakdown (based on input-output configurations): SE in, SE out, low gain  2 SE in, SE out, high gain  4.7 SE in, balanced out, low gain 2.1 SE in, balanced out, high gain 7.4 balanced in, SE out, low gain  1.1 balanced in, SE out, high gain  3.75 balanced in, balanced out, low gain 2.2 balanced in, balanced out, high gain 7.5 Again, both the DAC module and phono module are fully balanced, so either...
NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we get a first look at the new Schiit Audio Jotunheim, which Schiit is calling a configurable balanced headphone amp and preamp--or even a "configurable desktop center"--but that most of us will probably end up calling something else.     Products mentioned and/or shown in the video:   Schiit Audio Jotunheim configurable balanced headphone...
 Here's a link to our impedance measurements for both the Elear and Utopia. Given that the Audio Precision APx1701 Transducer Test Interface we used to do these measurements was a pre-production unit, I sent these plots to Focal's Clement Azou for confirmation, and he said our graphs looked good. (We now have a production APx1701 at Head-Fi's office, but haven't yet re-run these measurements.) Focal Elear and Utopia Impedance Measurements (link)   
 Hi @Arcamera, I understand where you're coming from. One would think that there has to be some ties between the Elear/Utopia and Focal's other headphones (the Spirit line and now the Listen) beyond the Focal name, but there's just not, in my opinion. I dig the Focal Listen and the Spirit line for what they are, but the Elear/Utopia simply stand quite apart from all of the other current Focal headphones.
Let's get this thread back on topic.   (There will likely be was a pruning of posts, for obvious reasons.)
 Tim, I'm sorry I missed you yesterday. I was up in the seminar / scheduled auditions area for most of yesterday (one floor up). I hope you'll be back today, as I'll be in the big room for most of today.
 No, that's definitely not the case. I posted about this earlier at the following link: http://www.head-fi.org/t/811270/focal-elear-and-utopia-launch-with-impressions-head-fi-tv/1725#post_12781705
 No, that's definitely not the conclusion here. What's most fun and interesting about the pad swap is that, yes, you can Elearize one or Utopia'ize the other. However, the comparison also makes clear the differences between the drivers--the Utopia driver's superiority (in terms of resolution and refinement) is made even more evident. In other words, with a Utopia with Elear pads, I don't think I'd ever miss the Elear--I would, however, miss the Utopia with Elear pads if...
There's been talk of pad-swapping between the Elear and Utopia. Then @Stillhart sent me this message:  Up to that point, I hadn't tried swapping the pads, so was thrilled to read that. As I said in an earlier post...  This is obviously a personal preference thing, and Stillhart preferred the stock Utopia to the Utopia with Elear earpads. The other day I made the swap, and I'll spend more time with the Utopia with the Elear pads, but so far I'm digging it--a lot. I'll spend...
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