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 @beowulf, regarding the touch panel: Maybe it's my little hands? No idea. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Zik3 and PXC550's capacitive touch panels, which are far more responsive than the MDR-1000X we have here? Perhaps. I'll give it a concerted effort today (though I've spent a lot of time with the MDR-1000X already), and see if i can work anything else out. Regarding the build quality: We don't have a creaking issue here with this one. There's nothing on it I'd want to...
 @canthearyou, I hope you're able to get in for this one. I was in South Korea at the time the HD6XX drop went live and stayed up to try to jump in for a couple more of them, to no avail.
With the Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6XX, Massdrop had their biggest hit so far, with the first 5000 units selling out in minutes, the crush of the traffic crippling their online ordering system. Why? Because a classic over-ear headphone (the Sennheiser HD650) was offered in a new color and slightly different packaging--yet every bit the same headphone otherwise--and priced at only $200. What's their next move? Well, that'd be today, when they announce the Massdrop x Noble X...
 140 is definitely on the high side of what I use. Here are the tips I posted many months ago: Shure KSE1500 Tips & Suggestions In that post I said I'm usually at 135 to 140 on the AK380's volume control. Since then--obviously with a lot more use of the KSE1500 since then--I've found 140 is definitely on the high-side of usability with the KSE1500. Use the KSE1500's meters to make sure you're not clipping, and you'll be fine. I think 130 on the AK380 is (as...
 I'd like to be able to pick up another set or two myself, but I don't think that's doable just yet. It's a sad sight to be sure, but our Elear has spent most of the last couple of months naked, padless, its togs re-assigned to Utopian duty. When I find out more, I'll let you know. If you find out first, please let me know.
 Yes, it is a lovely pairing with the Utopia--a headphone that, in stock form (for my tastes), makes good use of a little bloom and richness from the WA8 (which sounds every bit the desktop tube amp to me, despite its size). The way Nicolas Debard (of Focal) and I figured it out was trial and error. He was at our Head-Fi office in Detroit, and we swapped the Utopia around with a bunch of different amps, and the WA8 was a standout with it. Though I now prefer to use the...
I'm in, and I'm willing to ship internationally!
 We'll put it up on the homepage later today (tomorrow my time), guys.
 Yes, you can swap cables. The Sennheiser HD600, HD650, and now the HD6XX all have detachable cables, and use the same earpiece jack/plug types.
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