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 I think one of the most exciting things about eFit is that it opens up the act of making ear impressions, turning it into something that I'd trust almost anyone to do. While I can't imagine that people will be buying the highest-end custom IEMs any time soon at the nearest electronics store, Apple Store, or airport headphone store, I do think more accessible custom-fit in-ear headphones are very doable (and there are real benefits that can apply in even more affordably...
In the U.S., some of the most successful headphone brick-and-mortar stores are the airport ones. When I'm traveling, I'll stop and browse in them when I can, mostly to see what the activity is like in them. When I stop in, I'm rarely alone in them, and most of the time I see people buying stuff.Those airport stores would be fantastic for when there's on-location printing of customs. Like I said in my post about United Sciences's eFit, I can see a time in the...
As I understand it, United Sciences, directly and through licensing/partnership(s), will be making it rather painless for audiologists to equip themselves with this technology.
That's probably the UE Pro (custom) demo earpiece.
What you're looking at in that photo is a UE Pro (custom demo) comparison system. It's really cool. You put the demo pair on, and, without swapping earpieces, you can instantly A/B compare any two UE Pro pieces with the tablet interface. Again, it's very cool.
 I've never had any photographs published in the traditional sense. I guess the fact that (other than family/friend/vacation photos) I take more photos of headphones and other audio gear than anything else would certainly limit the artistry and appeal.  I have seen my headphone photos used by others, though. JH Audio uses my original Roxanne (custom version) photos in their ads, literature, show stuff, like in these ones on their website:    Lifehacker ran my photo of a...
 Oh, Amos, I wish I did, man. I've never met Woz. Mike Dias sent me that photo today. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend NAMM.
I just posted my second CES 2015 feature post, covering my absolute favorite highlight from CES 2015--one that will likely do away with silicone ear impressions, and lead to much wider availability of custom-fit earphones in the future.   You can read that post by CLICKING HERE.
 No, not yet. As I said in a previous post, I'd definitely consider what we've seen so far more of a sneak preview than a launch. I have a feeling it will be several months before we start seeing HiFiMAN HE1000's for sale, but will post any more specific info on that as soon as I have it.
 If I can find my stock HD 800 cable, I'll try that. Otherwise, I'll just weigh them sans cables.
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