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 AKG has exhibited at our CanJam London events, but not yet at our others. Audio-Technica will be there, however, co-exhibiting with Moon Audio.  
 To my ears, yes, a very nice match. Not clinical, a touch more smoothness up top than the AK380--still very precise sounding, so still very much the MH334 Custom.  Yes, the side buttons take a little getting used to, but the volume-up button and play/pause button have very prominent bumps on them, which makes using the controls without looking rather intuitive after some time with the player. Also, both volume buttons and the play/pause buttons are larger, which also...
 The others who've already answered are correct. Woo Audio will be exhibiting at RMAF, but not in the CanJam area. The above listed exhibitors are those in the CanJam area of RMAF.
Also, we're still working on finalizing the seminar schedules, but I know of at least two seminars specific to headphone audio that are happening at CanJam @ RMAF 2016:   Headphones: Do measurements Predict Performance? How much of a correlation is there between measurements and subjective evaluation? Are measurements important? If so, how and why?   Headphones: The Next Evolution of Products Open, thought-provoking discussion on the future of headphones. What is...
 Order it without the module (save $100), and use the DAC you have now instead, or buy a new DAC that has the inputs you need (Schiit sells several, as do many other companies)... Or choose something else entirely that has all you're looking for. The reality (around here anyway) is that most today are DAC'ing from USB more than any other type of digital input, so, given the module's space limitations, if the designer had to pick one input to go with, USB was the one.
 @PATB, I have a feeling we'll be seeing such a sub-forum here in the near future, yes. 
 Ah, finally, we see the Sony case for it! Thanks for the impressions, @Mimouille!  LOL. A lot of my music is in either ALAC or AIFF.
 Yes, I'm going to go to the office today to pick up the Elear and Utopia, neither of which I expect will be any trouble to drive for the NW-WM1Z--they're both very reasonable headphones to drive. I've so far been using only the MDR-Z1R, FitEar MH334 custom, and Noble Prestige (Kaiser 10) custom with the NW-WM1Z, so I'm now curious to try many others. As for battery life, charging, conditioning, etc.: I didn't know that either. There's so much advice out there about how to...
 The NW-WM1Z we have here has the following option in settings:  Perhaps this would help address your concern? Again, it's important to note that the Walkman NW-WM1Z we have here has pre-production software on it. The final version is subject to change. While on the topic of battery life: I haven't yet run it down completely (not even close, if the battery meter is any indication), but it seems the NW-WM1Z is going to run a lot longer playing high-resolution files than any...
 I apologize for any confusion. I thought what was being discussed was whether or not it could be listened to (via headphones) whilst it was charging. It appears we're talking about something else here. The following is from my contact at Sony, when I asked about charging while using:  Again, sorry if I caused any confusion.
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