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 I didn't get the impression that information was necessarily public info, and I didn't see it mentioned anywhere ahead of time (or since), so I think perhaps I'm not incorrect with that impression.
I always say that my word is just one man's opinion, based mostly on my head (I've asked others about the comfort on their heads) and only my ears--it's no more than that, and I'll never tell you otherwise. Clearly, there are people buying the Mo-Fi (I think Amazon's first batch sold out), so you'll have more opinions to sort through probably sooner than later. I'm obviously not alone in liking the Mo-Fi, and I know there are going to be those who don't. Again, you'll be...
 I can wear the Mo-Fi through an entire work day without issue. I think it's a very comfortable headphone, considering its weight. I think for some, though, it's going to be too heavy, especially to those who aren't used to heavy headphones (and/or for whom the headphone just doesn't fit well, for whatever reason).
 Thank you, Keith! We didn't have a lot of time to put that together, so it was more to break the news first, and to say enough to make clear I really like it so far. We'll do more follow-up, in another video and/or written, with more review-type content, and some comparative commentary.
 Metal (aluminum).
 Any visitor to our office can tell you that far more gear comes through here than I'll ever have a chance to write or talk about--far more. In the weeks before we update the gift guide, it looks like the 4th floor of Yodobashi Akiba blew up in here. So what do I write or talk about? Gear that I listen to and like--gear that impresses me. I like the Mo-Fi a lot so far, and it impresses me. I look around the office, and the gobs of headphones we have here, and, taken as a...
 Yes, the headband closing when you take the Mo-Fi off turns its amp off. Putting around my neck doesn't shut it off, though.
 That's some pretty definitive talk, considering you haven't used it. Give it a try, and if you come to the same conclusion after actually trying it, then okay. The battery charges via USB; but even if you forget to charge it, you've still got the headphone in passive mode. Also, the amp turns off automatically when the Mo-Fi isn't being worn, so that helps prolong battery life per charge.
 Perhaps what would be more convincing is if I pull the earcups apart by not actually touching the earcups, but instead pull from the arms, or even higher on the headband than that. (The angle stays consistent even when doing that.) If I have the time later, I'll shoot a short video clip showing that. I haven't used any other headphone that keeps the pads at such a consistent angle throughout the range of headband stretch. The Abyss AB-1266 and TakeT H2+ both keep pad...
One thing I didn't mention in the video (which definitely should have been mentioned) is that the Blue Mo-Fi's headband also has adjustable tension (adjustable clamping force), using the dial on top of the headband.   I really like that Blue recognized that the multi-link headband mechanism they went with opened up the possibility to provide adjustable clamping force, and that they chose to go with it. Very cool stuff.  
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