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 @piercer, I think it's only for the upcoming amp module.
NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we visit Val Kolton (founder and CEO of V-MODA) in the V-MODA Milano design studio to talk about the latest product from V-MODA--one that will work with all new and existing V-MODA Crossfade headphones: V-MODA Forg3D Shields.      V-MODA Forg3D Shields - Head-Fi TV produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla     We will occasionally post Q&A...
  Jamey, congratulations on your change to employee-owned status, and thanks for your support--and welcome back.
I've been traveling with the AK380 since Munich. I'm on the train to Rome with it now, using it with my JH Audio Roxanne (custom), and I've no doubt the AK380 is an improvement over my AK240. $1000 more? I'll give it more time, but a thousand bucks builds a long bridge to cross. I'll say more when I'm back home next week.
Of course, it does work through the leather case. (I used it with the leather case at Munich High End.)
At Munich High End this week, one of the most notable launches--at least in the Head-Fi world--will be Sennheiser's (now-leaked) Sennheiser HD 630VB. The cat's out of the bag, so let's start with some photos (click on them to see larger size):     The last time Sennheiser released a new headphone with the "HD" designation--with a number in the 600's behind it--it was the Sennheiser HD 650, nearly 12 years ago (in 2003). Whereas the HD 650 was rather a lot like the HD 600...
   @Bill-P (left) organized a fantastic meet, with the help of @HuddlerSteph, who's both a Head-Fi'er, and with Wikia. (Wikia is Head-Fi's San Franicsco headquarters.) Bill and Steph worked very hard to get everything just right, from name tags to layout, and much more. Thanks very much, you two, for all you did to assemble an awesome event.   @HuddlerLuis was also a huge help both before, during, and after the event.   The elf and the Baron. The short one's me...
 I'll post my pics later today. In the meantime, I wanted to say that I inadvertently took home a 12-outlet Belkin power strip. I brought one, and came home with two. Here's a photo of it:  If this is yours, please let me know, and I'll have a replacement shipped to you posthaste. (Sorry about this!)
 @aamefford, don't run your PM-1 single-ended on my account, especially if you have the HA-1 to drive it with. As for the ETHER: I only had an hour of sleep, so I can't quite remember if I packed it or not, but I'm pretty sure I did. If I did, I only have a single-ended cable for it. When I get off this plane, I'll double-check and let you know whether or not I packed it.
Does anyone have a balanced OPPO PM-1/PM-2 cable that I can borrow for the duration of the meet?
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