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 On my large cranium, I'd call the HD800 and Utopia/Elear comparable on clamping force--I'm going strictly by feel here (as I've no means of accurately measuring clamping force). The lighter weight and ginormous earpad diameter of the HD800 / HD800S give the Sennheisers the edge in comfort over the Focals for me. Here are a couple of photos of the HD 800S and Focal Elear earpads side-by-side:  
 @DanDorn, I hope these photos help a little. (Above) Focal Elear and Focal Spirit Professional. (Above) Focal Utopia and Focal Spirit One S. (Above) Focal Utopia and Focal Spirit One S. (Above) Focal Elear and Focal Spirit Professional. (Above) Focal Elear and Focal Spirit Professional.  Having even spent even more time now with both the Utopia and Elear, I can say without hesitation that they're far more comfortable (to me, and I think this'll be true for most) than any...
 @arnaud, those frequency response measurements reflect DF applied via the APx555's input EQ. (Sorry for not having mentioned that previously, guys.)
Dan Foley from Audio Precision brought a pre-production unit of their new APx1701 Transducer Test Interface to play with for a day, so, among other things, we measured the impedance of both the Focal Elear and Focal Utopia. (Nominal impedance for both is rated by Focal as 80Ω.)   Click the image below to see a larger version. Click here to see full size version. Focal Utopia = purple Focal Elear = brown     Measurements in this post were made using: Audio...
  According to Focal, this stand is not included with either headphone, but will be available as a separate purchase.
 Hi @danielleesq, yes, that was the flagship headphone I was referring to at 4:15 in the video. I wasn't sure anyone would remember that, or make the connection. 
 Just a quick clarification: That stand will not be included with the headphones, but will be available for purchase separately, with pricing to be announced later.
 Hi @Dillan, it's an aluminum-magnesium alloy, not coated.
 I just received word from Focal that the impedance is indeed 80Ω for both headphones, so we'll post an annotation on the video, and I'll also post a correction notice on the first post of this thread. Sorry about that, guys. That was the information I had. (We'll soon be getting the new Audio Precision APx1701 to use with the APx555 we have here, so we'll start doing our own impedance measurements when that arrives.)
 The Elear's earpad is about 6 cm (measured inside the pad), top to bottom, and a little less than that from side to side. The Utopia is about the same, but its pads seem a bit thicker, so I'd say that its earcup opening in either direction may be just a touch smaller.
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